15 Different Types Of Pants For Women This Winter Season

February 13, 2023

pants for women introduction

Despite the fact that pants, or trousers, as they are often known, Trendy Pants for Women have been around for a very long time, the first time they were ever observed being worn was in the sixth century BC.

Pants were at the time a common piece of clothing for both sexes and were not just for men, although they looked very different back then than they do today. Pants were mostly used by horse riders in Central and Eastern Asia and Persia.

There are now numerous styles of pants available for women, some of which are already popular and others of which are distinct and new in trend, and each type of pants has its own distinct style. We will discuss all types of pants in this blog that should have a place in your wardrobe. 

Interesting fact: The word “pants” actually derives from an Italian theater character named Pantalone. The contemporary styles of pants that we know and love today didn’t first appear until the 20th century.

Women started wearing trousers at this time for leisure and fashion, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that pants for women started to gain widespread acceptance as proper clothing. Pants evolved into a well-liked and stylish article of clothing that included rich fabric, exquisite patterns, and high-quality craftsmanship.

With an array of shapes and designs, pants have become a wardrobe staple for every woman. Following are a few classic types of pants for women that you must know.

Different Types Of Pants For Women

The design of pants has changed countless times throughout the years in an effort to increase comfort while also giving this lower-body garment a distinctive look. The various styles or types of pants for women available today are listed down below:

1- Bell Bottom Pants

Bell Bottom trendy stylish pants

Bell bottoms have a form-fitting style from the waist to the knee, at which point the pant leg opens into a bell that goes to the hem at the ankle. They can be made of knit fabric for a more contemporary look, or they can be made of denim as jeans.

In the 1960s and 1970s, these pants were extremely popular. It appears that this women’s pant trend is here to stay after making a comeback. When do trends become fashions, you ask? This is one of the best examples.

Who wouldn’t want longer legs given the instant lengthening effect of this cut? This type of pants for women is ideal when paired with a high-waisted cropped shirt for women, a statement bag, and boots to complete the look. Darveys’ top picks could be Self Stitch High Waist Wide Leg Pants. 

2- Cargo Pants

luxury cargo in khaki and black color

The cargo pant, sometimes referred to as “khaki” pants due to their original hue, is a casual type of pants for women that was first used by the military as a means of providing comfort and utility to its wearers.

Cargo pants for women have many pockets and sections, as the name implies, that can be utilized to store your cargo, or at most a few items. With an elasticized hem and side pockets, these cargo-style pants are fantastic.

Cargo pants for women can be quite comfortable and useful if they are manufactured from high-quality cotton. You may make them considerably more opulent by making them out of silk jersey or silk satin. Your top picks from Darveys can be Bottega Veneta White Cargo Pants, Michael Kors Husk Cargo Zip Straight Leg Pants and more. 

3- Chinos

designer elegant trendy chinos

The classic color of chinos is khaki, but you can now buy them in every hue of the rainbow. Chinos are comfy, lightweight pants created from twill cloth. The fabric was originally brought from China, which is referred to as “chino” in Spanish.

Simply put, chinos are a much more stylish alternative to the narrow jeans you’ve been wearing for years. Chinos’ ability to be both casual and elegant is one of their most significant qualities. So you may utilize only one pair of pants to create two totally different outfits.

Chinos for women are a simple item to wear to work, get-togethers, and parties. There is no doubt that chinos are a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

Since chinos are one of those items that you can wear without even giving it a second thought, they are one piece of clothing that always works, flatters everyone, and is simple to pair. Your top picks from Darveys can be J.Crew’s Light Brown High-Rise Chino Pant, Dolce & Gabbana Beige Solid Chinos and more.

4- Corduroy Pants

corduroys fancy branded pants

While corduroys were once thought of as a classic men’s pant style, they have recently gained popularity among women. Because of the textured fabric and the rich color tones that complement it, Corduroy pants for women have preserved their attractiveness.

Corduroys, which have a thick cable-knit fabric, are excellent for keeping you warm in the winter. Its ability to be dressed up or down depending on how you’re feeling is one of its appeals. The delicacy of the fabric gives the pants an incredibly comfortable feel, and as the wales fade with use, a subtle pattern is woven throughout the entire pair of pants.

Additionally, this gives it the current trend of a vintage look that is trending nowadays. Your top picks from Darveys can be Dsquared2 Brown Corduroy Pants, Dolce & Gabbana Brown Corduroys Casual Pants, Just Cavalli Yellow Corduroy Mid-Rise Trousers and more.

5- Dress Pants

Dress pants for ladies

Dress pants are a type of pants for women that are manufactured with a wool, linen, or cotton mix fabric tank intended to be worn with a dress shirt and blazer for more formal settings, like a dress pants matched with a suit for formal meetings.

Dress pants are comfortable enough to style it to your workplaces and fancy enough to pair it with a stylish shirt to attend a birthday party or any such occasion and because of this, every woman does indeed have a pair of dress pants or trousers in her closet.

It all just depends upon how you style and carry it. Discover the various casual styles of dress pants that every woman should have in her closet to have something for every occasion. Your top picks from Darveys can be Cavalli Class Black Dress Pants, Just Cavalli White Skinny Dress Trousers Pants and more.

6- Flared Pants

fashionable flared pants for traditional look

Early in the 1960s, flared pants entered the fashion world like a storm. They have a large leg opening that “flares out” as it reaches the bottom. Denim, corduroy, and wool are just a few of the materials that can be used to make flared pants.

This style of women’s pants is reminiscent of the retro clothing era. People who prefer a more traditional look will adore these pants because of the way they hug their bodies. Flared pants for women give the appearance of longer legs and a streamlined silhouette.

Combine the flared pants with a plain, basic top to create a timeless style. Create work-appropriate appeal by adding a tonal blazer to the ensemble. Your top picks from the Darveys can be the Moschino Pink Print Flared Pant, Stella McCartney Grey Flared Pant, Bottega Veneta Beige Flared Pant, and more.

7- Slim-Fit Pants

slim-fit pants in multiple designs and colors

The fit of slim-fit pants is more tapered and fitted. If you’re looking for a pair of baggy pants that dangle off your hips, you should probably seek them elsewhere because they’re made for a narrow waist and narrow legs.

They go excellently with nearly any top and virtually any pair of sneakers, making them ideal for giving your wardrobe an effortlessly trendy vibe. You can stylish wardrobe staple by wearing a top that matches the color of the slim-fit pants and can give you a dressier appearance.

Complete the look with heels and accessories,and your ensemble is ready! Your top picks from Darveys can be Calvin Kleblackaslim-highpants Rise Pants, Ralph Laurmaroonoslim-pants,it Pant and more

8- Cropped Pants

Cropped branded pants for female

Cropped pants for women are really in right now, but if you’re short, they’re not the simplest clothing item to wear. The cropped pants’ hem is cut slightly above the ankle.

The flood pants, which are similarly cut slightly above the ankle, are among the most well-known examples of this type of pants for women. Socks are our go-to accessory while wearing cropped pants to stand out. An example can be an indigo-colored cropped pants paired with polka-dot socks, a green pullover, and flats to complete the look.

Add some accessories like a necklace or earring to elevate your charm. Your top picks from Darveys can be Michael Kors Grey Slim Leg Cropped Pants, Calvin Klein Black Slim Slit Cropped Pants, J.Crew Navy Slim Cropped Ruby Pant and more. 

9- Leggings

stretchy tight fitting leggings

Leggings are tight-fitting pants that are composed of stretchy material. They can be layered underneath other pieces of clothing or worn alone. Leggings first gained popularity in the 1980s and have since become an essential piece of clothing for women of all ages.

Leggings come in a wide variety of styles, including patterned leggings, jeggings (a mix of a legging and a jean), leather leggings, and more. Leggings are frequently worn on more relaxed occasions and look great with large, flowing blouses.

Finish the look with a waist belt on top of your blouse and thigh-high boots, and your chic and classy winter-appropriate look is all set. Your top picks from Darveys can be Cavalli Class black logo leggings, Michael Kors black high rise flat front leggings, J.Crew light pink cropped crossover leggings, and more. 

10- Palazzo Pants

palazzo straight pants in various designs

Unlike other wide-leg pant designs, which widen from the hip or knee, palazzo pants are cut loosely with broad legs that spread from the waist down. As a result, the light design of palazzo pants makes them a fantastic option throughout the summer.

Palazzo pants for women come in a variety of lengths, with some ending at the ankle and others flaring out to the floor. Palazzos with a straight cut are popular not just in India but all across the world. These palazzos play a significant role in the street-wear scene as well.

Team your palazzo with an elegant white shirt! There is nothing stopping you from becoming the ultimate diva with an oversized tote, a pair of sunglasses, a statement necklace, shoes, and a bright lip color! Philipp Plein black high rise waist palazzo pants, Chloe black knit palazzo pants, Alexander McQueen light pink palazzo pants, and other options are available at Darveys. 

11- Tapered Pants

high waist tapered pants

Tapered pants have a small opening at the hem and a tapered leg that begins around the knee. They are stylish and could be worn for a variety of events. Depending on the material you use to design a pair of tapered pants, their overall “appearance” will alter.

Depending on the aesthetic you’re looking for, you may wear these types of trousers with boots, heels, sneakers, flip-flops, or even sneakers. These trousers will take you from your long-haul flight to your evening drink plans. Dress up your high-waisted tapered jeans for women with a more formal buttoned shirt or down with a simple crop top for a more relaxed vibe. Your top picks from Darveys can be Emporio Armani Navy Blue High-Waisted Tapered Trousers. 

12- Sweatpants

sweatpants in cotton blend material

Sweatpants are traditionally linked with a more sporty image, but this is changing in the realm of women’s fashion, and they are increasingly being utilized for more formal or sophisticated ensembles.

Sweatpants, also known as track pants, are a looser-fitting pant type that is meant to be worn while exercising or working out. They are often constructed of a cotton-blend fabric that absorbs all sweat and moisture and keeps the body cool and dry

Sweatpants for women are generally roomy and comfy, having an elasticized waistline and cuffs. If you want an off-duty look, go for baggy sweatpants with an oversized sweatshirt and complete the look with sneakers and a baseball cap.

Your top pick from Darveys can be Alexander McQueen’s light blue McQueen graffiti sweatpants, Roberto Cavalli’s black Snake-Print Sweatpants, Palm Angels’ white glittering logo, and more. 

13- Wide-Leg Pants

high waisted wide leg pants

These chic women’s pants are very versatile and suitable for any situation. Wide-leg pants frequently have a high-waisted style in addition to having a wide-leg form. Although they may be made of any fabric, they are often made of a light fabric, such cotton or linen, for the warmer summer months and wool is used for cold winter months.

For ladies of any age, these types of pants are a chic and feminine wardrobe essential. Wide-leg pants for women and a patterned cardigan can make up an amazing clothing  combination when paired with a basic plain shirt, simple accessories, and plain shoes.

Your top pick from Darveys can be Dolce & Gabbana women Black Wide Leg Pants, Self Stitch Triple Pin Tucks Wide Leg Pants, Calvin Klein Black Pleated Wide Leg Pants and more.

14- Leather Pants

classy modern leather pants

 Any outfit can instantly become more edgy and classy with leather pants. They have a long history of being linked to punk and rock legends. These leather or synthetic leather pants blend durability and fashion.

Leather pants are appropriate for women who enjoy going out in style and are available in a variety of styles to fit the tastes of any fashion enthusiast. By choosing a double-leather combination, you may easily achieve maximum sartorial effect.

We love how the contrast between the leather pants and sneakers is neutralized by the addition of a little dressier coat and a thick white sweater. Calvin Klein Black High Rise Faux Leather Pants, Calvin Klein Black Faux Leather Pants, and other options are available at Darveys. 

15- Culottes

knee length stunning culotte pants

Culotte is a French term that means pants, knickers, trousers, or shorts. Culottes are often knee-length or a bit longer. Culottes or Capris are three-quarter-length pants. The cuffed hem of these pants falls below the knees.

Instead of wearing your ordinary pants to work or a formal function, go for these stunning culottes for women. Combine them with a trendy shirt that is both fashionable and classy. For those who aren’t the kind who can wear pumps, flat ballerinas or platforms will work just fine.

Wearing a pair of patterned culottes with an off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder shirt will keep the outfit fashionable, comfortable, and light. You need to add this stunning piece to your closet today. Your top picks from Darveys can be Michael Kors Light Blue Culotte Pants and more. 


In this blog, we’ve observed the most popular styles of women’s pants and trousers and listed them in one place. This blog will assist you in selecting the appropriate bottom pick for any occasion without any hassle. I hope you discover the perfect pair of jeans so you can turn heads everywhere you go!