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Men’s styling essentials for festivities

July 29, 2021

Who doesn’t like to look charming? Especially when there is a special occasion, people like to dress up and look their best.

And yes, that includes men as well. While men may not be patient enough to spend hours trying on different outfits to select the one that they like the most, they certainly wish that the process could be easier. Well, now it is!

With the best and trendy fashion pieces available online, you can be ready for the next party in just a few clicks.

And just so you’re wondering, if you are planning to look dapper at the party after the lockdown, you have got to start preparing for it right away.

Now let’s have a look at what your outfit options are.

Crisp suits for classy formal evenings

It is difficult to state this without sounding biased, but all men look their best in an elegant crisp suit.

This is an easy yet perfect choice if you have an upcoming formal event like a wedding or an official celebration. Especially with stunning options from the top of the list brands like Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Emporio Armani, and many more. It seems difficult to even wait for an occasion to get your hands on them.

Look at this pink slim fit suit, this black double-breasted suit, and this multicolour classic fit striped suit to get a sense of their resistibility. However, let’s not get hasty and discover all your options before you make up your mind.

Jeans or trousers for the love of comfort

If you’re up for a more casual occasion, you can always go for something that is more comfortable, like a pair of trousers or a nice pair of jeans. This choice will depend upon what you find a perfect fit for a particular event or even your comfort level. However, both jeans and trousers can be styled to perfection for a preferable public appearance.

These navy blue single pleat leisure fit jeans, these dark grey stonewash jeans, these black flat front wool trousers and these white regular fit pants will tell you all about their excellence and versatility.

Match it well with a nice shirt or t-shirt

The following step is to choose a nice shirt or a t-shirt that matches the jeans or trousers you opted for. If you have chosen a pair of trousers, pairing a semi-formal shirt or even a casual shirt would be a great combination for you. However, with luxury jeans, you can go for both, a shirt or a t-shirt. There are many options for you to choose from like fabrics, colours, prints, etc.

Some of your best options are this white lace logo shirt, this black striped short sleeve shirt, this black leaf short sleeve silk shirt, this all over logo short sleeve shirt, and many more.

Add a layer of blazer in case of a semi-formal event

You need to add more to the look for it to be invincible, especially if you are going to attend a semi-formal event, a charming blazer will complete your look. To help you with further choices, picture yourself in slim-fit trousers, a bold coloured shirt and a classy blazer, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

You can choose something like this black logo strap blazer or this white sequined slim fit blazer, depending upon what suits your look.

Chilly nights ask for jackets that compliment your look

In the case of a casual outing with your family or friends, you can also flaunt your outfit by styling a jacket over it, especially on chilly nights. These amazing jackets can make you party-ready instantly. Look at this olive logo patch denim jacket to envision your look.

Pick the perfect shoes

Now, as your look is almost ready to step out,  let your shoes add some glamour to your feet with some stunning options that you can now choose as per the outfits you have already shortlisted. Look at these black side logo sneakers, these black silver cut loafers, these white front logo high sneakers, these black leather ankle boots, and these black studded leather loafers. These are just a few of the innumerable options to choose from.

Finish off the look with an accessory

Lastly, it is time to complete your look with some accessories like a Luxury belt, a tie or a watch, or all of them, depending on your look. This brown silver dial watch, this gold plated motion watch, and this black matte silver buckle belt will compliment you immensely to make you stand out wherever you go.

Count on this process to lead you to an amazing look for your next party.

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2021 Trend Alert: Monochrome Magic

July 22, 2021

Fashion has turned into a competition today. While we are all trying to look great every day and ditch bad hair days altogether, some tricks and trends are here to help us do it, fail-proof!

One of these trending hacks in a Monochromatic look that will make turn heads for sure. With outfits full of power and fun, you can come up with invincible summer looks. Here’s your cue to start experimenting with these colour options.

Pink bling

Starting with one of the trending colours of this year, what is better than adorning it all over? You might risk looking like a candy (which can be cute), but with your perfect fashion sense, you’ll definitely end up rocking.

To help you picture the look better, this pink pleated skirt with a white top and this pink solid top paired with white skinny luxurious jeans and ballet flats will let you slay the look.

Go green

Green might be that one colour that looks amazing on everyone. With our unique personalities, the common thing would be the ability to wow everyone styled in green. With the fresh vibe that comes with the colour, you can easily let it enhance your outfit and look very chic.

This green ruffled dress is a summer staple and looks amazing with sneakers.

Slay the blues

The blue colour comes in various hues, and one of them will always fit your mood. From royal blue to cerulean, every shade of blue can further upgrade a perfect summer outfit with the right styling. Especially when you’re going for a monochromatic look, the splendid shades of blue make it really easy to style. Pair up these pants with this casual shirt and a pretty satchel for a chic and formal look.

Sunny yellow

Yellow has been in fashion since forever. It might look common otherwise, but in summers, yellow looks like a happy go-to colour that adds cheer everywhere you go.

Especially when you’re stepping out in a natural environment, a monochromatic yellow outfit will make you stand out. Accompany a yellow bag and shoes to make it all the more appealing and captivating.

This yellow ruffled top paired with this ruffled yellow skirt will make up for a perfect summer co-ord set. Take this look to the next level with these slingbacks and this cutesy bag.

The right white

The versatility and chic look of the white colour is incomparable. Especially in scorching heat, white outfits are extremely light and soothing to wear, however when mixed with style, they are the best you could ask for.

White outfits are not basic anymore. With the ability of white to look classy with everything, you can experiment styling them as much as you want. However, there is no match for an all-white outfit. Pair it up with perfect accessories to look exceptional at every outing. Imagine this minimal white dress, along with a tie-detail belt to accentuate the waist with a crossbody bag and mules to complete the look.

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2021 Trend Alert: Flat feet

July 16, 2021

One of the many learnings of lockdown is to appreciate the beauty of flat footwear. And by mentioning beauty, we mean their comfortable flat soles that don’t hurt our feet. A long year of no cracked heels and feet pains is too sweet to let go of.

So, 2021’s trend is brought to you by comfort, the art of pampering your feet. In simple words, flats are in fashion with more options than you could even browse through.

Take a look at it yourself!


Mules are the most versatile of all flat shoes available. Given the variety they come in, you can use them for every occasion. With many options available that are shiny and just as much of those with prints and even solids, they are all your shoe closet needs this summer.

These gold Sidney mules and these black Viggo patent mules will definitely go well with any outfit and will also take your look up a notch.

Strappy flats

It’s the season to bring out your beautiful flowy dresses with floral prints, and polka dots, and discover the blooming nature. Use the fancy pairs of strappy flats to accompany you on your fashion adventure, without hampering your perfect look.

To style up with your summer flowy and boho dresses, use these trendy white leather strappy flats or these brown caramel strappy flats.

Ballet flats

You don’t necessarily have to attend parties in shoes that hurt your feet. These dressy shoes are perfect to compliment your formal outfits and to make it easier for you to enjoy the events for much longer.

To be your party partners that won’t hurt your feet, these yellow front logo slingback ballerinas and these black metallic logo ballet flats, and many more such options are waiting for you.


These rustic and chic-looking pairs of shoes are trending everywhere today, owing to the range they’re available in, with many prints and colours, making it easy to add some vibrance to the outfits, giving them the title of a perfect summer essential.

For the sake of your feet’s comfort and the unharmed style of your clothes, these blue front logo espadrilles and these beige Yasmin espadrilles are here to your rescue.


It might be surprising, but sandals are fashionable even today, after so many years. But of course, they have evolved a lot and now run along with the dynamic fashion trends. One of the most supportive categories of footwear, they are easy to style with all kinds of casual outfits.

These silver Elizabeth luxurous flat sandals and these champagne maiara gladiator sandals will bring out all the summer glory you need this year by completing any outfit you pair it up with.

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