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September 30, 2016

Like I always emphasis on the fact that accessories can change the whole look and play a very important role in one’s outfit, a hat can add an interesting and refreshing touch to it. Be it summers or winters, hats can be the perfect finishing touch of any ensemble and hey, you should always experiment with your look isn’t it? The sunny fedora hats or the pomp pomp woollen hats, they look really cool and give a contemporary hint in the whole attire.


So let’s check out the designer brands that you can opt for which provide smart options.


Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren hats with the signature pony logo are a classic spin on contemporary styles which can top off your ensembles. The sartorial collection is available for both men and women.


Ralph Lauren


Calvin Klein: My personal favorite, the Panama hat is the perfect beach accessory. Also the Calvin Klein denim cap is a must have for casual day outs and looks super cool when paired with a nice jacket and sneakers.


Calvin Klein


Kate Spade:The crochet fedora hat by Kate Spade is literally to crush on! It is perfect for the beach time or some day time out in sun. Pair it with a nice floral dress or shorts and you’re good to go with a crown piece!


Kate Spade


True Religion: True Religion hats are a dapper addition to the off duty wardrobe to add some personality to it. They feature floral print, logo embossing, brand detailing, graphic print and etc. The baseball caps are a fun day time accessory to choose!


True Religion


September 27, 2016

Whether it’s a formal or a casual event, an accessory that can ensure your look stays intact is a classy belt. It may seem as a very small part of your outfit but it can really round off your look in style and channel sophistication to its best. Belts are a very important part of a man’s wardrobe so it’s important to invest in the right one. With so many brands and so many options in the market, one might get confused.


Here we have list down the designer brands that one can opt, to add a touch of luxury to the whole attire.


Ralph Lauren: The brand which is famous for its American spirit, Ralph Lauren Belts imbibes the same characteristic and the collection is classy to say the least. Options for both formal and casual occasions are available and the best part is they are not very pricey.


Ralph Lauren


Hugo Boss: One of the most loved brands; Hugo Boss Belts gives a distinctive and edgy touch and can finish off your attire in way that will surely garner you with a lot of compliments. Available mostly in classic colors, they are well suited for formal occasions.


Hugo Boss


Dsquared2: If you want something which is edgy, playful and at the same time sophisticated, then Dsquared2 belts are a perfect choice. Some of them feature a quirky typo on the big buckle which looks really cool. The range is also full of vibrant options in colors like green, red, purple and etc which can be opted for experimenting with your attire.




September 24, 2016

So, now the season is changing and it’s officially Fall! Although it doesn’t seem like it, because the weather is still too hot but well that’s an excuse good enough for some shopping spree and a wardrobe makeover! Isn’t it? Well, your outfits and footwear might have been sorted but you really need to show some love to your accessories wardrobe as well. The accessories domain is large with a lot of options but today we’ll focus mainly on Scarves! These elegant options can wrap your look in style and provide an extra hint of panache to the attire.


So, let’s check out the designer brands that offers must have scarves for a new season wardrobe!


ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: Like its other products, Alexander McQueen scarves are truly unconventional and artistic. Floral, graphic, animal or skull print, the range is a favorite among celebrities and can give a dynamic touch to your look.

Alexander McQueen

CALVIN KLEIN: Calvin Klein’s range of scarves can breathe in new life to your wardrobe with its beauty and charisma. The colorful collection with floral or tropical prints looks really attractive and can give a refreshing touch to your wardrobe.

Calvin Klein


ETRO: The most distinctive one, Etro scarves adorn paisley print for which the brand is most famous and I personally love these because of the vintage feel of them.



MICHAEL KORS: For an elegant approach, you can choose Michael Kors scarves as your companion. The classy range adds a pop of color to the outfit. Prints like logo, jacquard, animal or abstract print etc are available under this label.


Some of the popular: Burberry Scarves, Gucci Scarves

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