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Ralph Lauren in India Online: Get ready for both work and party

November 30, 2018

Ralph Lauren is one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world in today’s time. Ralph Lauren in India is available online to make your personality look pleasing. Ralph Lauren’s entry to the fashion world happened during the release of his Beau Brummel neckwear in 1967. During that period, it was a norm that people loved to wear narrow dark ties; but Ralph Lauren introduced a collection of colorful neckwear.

Opulent, colorful, and trendy ties were then produced to choose from, for every interested businessman. Well, that was just the beginning from where Ralph Lauren picked up and then there was no stopping.

Recently, Ralph Lauren celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Central Park, New York. It was back in the year 1967 when the first collection of Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts was introduced. The designs and styles by Ralph Lauren offered in this line of product boasts a refined appeal, yet feature the virtues of traditional American and English classics. Over the years, Ralph Lauren has been known in the fashion industry for its collection of polos and t-shirts.

Ralph Lauren finally expanded its wings throughout the world with numerous megastores built around the globe and in India with products that are both pleasing and luxurious at the same time. Now, with consumers falling for the designs and offerings by the label, Ralph Lauren in India online has become a necessity. With a gigantic variety of luxury products, Ralph Lauren in India online store has everything that you look forward to have a personality that is pleasing and so effortless at the same time. Expect Ralph Lauren to answer your needs, whatever it may be.

So, if you are looking for Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts or footwear or even designer bags for both him and her, Ralph Lauren in India online store doesn’t let you fall back. This blog talks about how the online store lets you dress yourself the best no matter what the occasion is.

The versatility of the Ralph Lauren in India online products

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts | Darveys

Ralph Lauren in India has a classic collection of polo t-shirts that are the answer to all your fashion prayers. Well, that’s not all because Ralph Lauren in India online has a wide inventory with products that are all about a fashionable personality. You can buy the Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts or other items like designer bags or branded shoes and more.

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts | Darveys

The options offered at the online store of Ralph Lauren in India are a pleasing sight.

Have you seen how colorful and radiant the offerings are, available online?

No matter what the product by the label is, the fashionable appeal of it, available at Ralph Lauren in India online store is absolutely stunning. No matter where you are office or at a party, the collection would certainly please the eye of the spectators.

  Ralph Lauren Sneakers | Darveys You can dress as you want to for any occasion that you like to with the help of Ralph Lauren in India online store.

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November 30, 2018

Winters does not have to mean a dull wardrobe. You can always play around with your look to keep up the fashion game strong in the chilly weather as well.

Skirts, basically a summer staple, are very popular in fall/winters too. You can create an enviable look by pairing them with high boots and cozy knitwear along with a signature scarf. Such looks have become very popular as you will see a lot of street style outfits inspired by them.

In cold weather, go for warmer hues, dark florals or leather/suede fabrics. But if the occasion allows, you can choose a metallic or bold colored skirt when heading out for a night out. Below, you can find some options by the designer brands to help indulge yourself in this trend. So, come, let’s check out them out!

RALPH LAUREN: This knitted maxi skirt by Ralph Lauren with striped hem is a great casual wear option. Wear it along with your top or shirt along with sneakers and you’ll be good to go.

Ralph Lauren

KATE SPADE: Denim is also a great fabric to choose in winters as it can keep you warm and stylish like this Kate Spade denim midi skirt. The length is perfect to wear with high boots. Just throw in a nice blouse to complete the outfit.

Kate Spade

BCBGMAXAZRIA: Leather skirts make an ideal addition in the winter wardrobe so don’t miss out on this BCBGMAXAZRIA leather pencil skirt that will hug you in all the right places.


DIANE VON FURSTENBERG: Up for some experimenting? Go for aqua striped skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg which has such an edgy appeal. Wear it with a solid upper to balance out the look.     

Diane Von Furstenberg

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November 27, 2018

The cold weather has finally arrived and we all can feel the chills in the air. Therefore it is important to add warm layers in your look which can protect you from the weather but you need to keep your winter looks stylish as well. Cold weather should not make your wardrobe dull and to solve this problem, we have listed down our favorites for him for the month.

Classic hoodies and sweatshirts in various color combinations are a must in winter wardrobe as they look really stylish and keep winters at bay at the same time. Even the puffer jackets are a great option when the temperature hits really low and can help you make a style statement.

So, let’s check out the options that will go straight into your wardrobe.

TRUE RELIGION: A classic black hoodie goes a long way. Because if you have one like this Buddha hoodie by True Religion you can wear it for years to come! Such styles don’t go out of fashion easily and thus are a great investment.

True Religion

LOVE MOSCHINO: Puffer jackets can make a great style statement and also keeps you warm. You can wear this blue puffer jacket by Love Moschino over a sweater and pair it with a classic scarf for a striking look.

Love Moschino

RALPH LAUREN: Front closure jackets can be kept open if the weather allows and closed when it is cold. So, they are perfect for every situation just like this Ralph Lauren red hoodie.

Ralph Lauren

CALVIN KLEIN: A denim jacket is a great way of layering. You can wear this denim trucker jacket by Calvin Klein for casual situations and you’ll be good to go!  

Calvin Klein

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Valentino in India: All you need to know

November 23, 2018

Did you know that Valentino is called the “Master of Couture”? Well, the label has worked on hundreds of haute couture designs which have been worn by celebrities like Chloe & Halle Bailey, Grace Kelly, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophia Loren, and so many others, the mastermind behind the label always quoted, “I know what women want, they want to be beautiful.”

The label has had a history of designing dresses for princesses, first lady, and other Hollywood icons. Established in the year 1960 by Valentino Garavani, the label has coined its name throughout the world for the drama and elegance that it adds in the collections offered. Such is the charm that you’ll find in the products offered by Valentino in India. Valentino in India is a couture brand (as we mentioned above) that flaunts the contemporary world to the best.

Before laying down a few bestselling products offered at Darveys by Valentino in India, there are certain things you should know about the luxuriously classy brand. Valentino is an extremely popular name in the fashion industry when it comes to ready-to-wear and accessories. The label has spent such a long time in the industry and it clearly is seen in the offerings that have given a new benchmark in style.

There are some things about Valentino in India that you should know before you invest in the bestselling collections like Valentino shoes, Valentino bags and more.

Where does Valentino get its glamour and charm?

If you take a closer look at the collection offered by Valentino in India, you would know that the brand fuses French embroidery and impeccable taste with Italian glamour and craftsmanship. As a result, you would be able to lay your hands on styles that are looked upon by fashion celebrities, fashion-conscious beings and royal families around the world.

What are the different sub-brands offered by Valentino in India?

Today, the Valentino Fashion Group S.p.A has quite a place in the world of luxury fashion with a diversified portfolio of products including clothing, accessories, and footwear for men and women. Valentino in India has three sub-brands that consumers can choose from depending on their budget as well as style statements and they are:

  • Valentino Garavani
  • Valentino Roma; and
  • RED Valentino

Having talked a few things about Valentino in India, mentioned below are some of the most popular collections that the label offers for all the fashionable you out there.

The Rockstud collection by Valentino in India

Valentino Rockstud Collection | Darveys

It is not the most popular collection offered by Valentino in India but it is the one that you would find as the bestseller across the globe. The Rockstud collection features one of the most stylish ranges of luxury footwear with embellished studs throughout the design. You would probably have seen a lot of celebrities sporting the stylish Valentino footwear.

The Quilted Stud collection by Valentino in India

Velention | Rockstud collection | Valentino handbags

The collection of Quilted Stud wallets by Valentino in India is another outstanding number. The factors that make the line charming, is the combination of quilted studs throughout the surface with the genuine leather fabric that makes it last longer than you think.

The Classic Sneakers by Valentino in India

Valentino Classic Sneakers | Darveys

Well, why should men stay behind when luxury fashion is considered and that’s exactly why the Classic sneakers by Valentino in India gained its popularity! They feature a combination of two solid colors with the conventional lace-up design and comfort for a casual feel to your feet.

Valentino in India is spreading all the love and stylish appeal that you need. Why don’t you go ahead and take a look?

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November 22, 2018

After a tiring week, we all look forward to the weekend to relax and have a good time. But social gatherings mean dressing up and bringing out your fashionable side. So, if your social calendars are full, you definitely need some new outfits for it and we are here to sort that problem out.

Here are some of the recent favorites that we have picked out for you which would definitely get everyone talking no matter where you go. You can wear them separately or even together to build a whole outfit to rock the night.

So, let’s check out the party essentials you need to grab now!

BCBGMAXAZRIA: Dressing up to impress? This BCBGMAXAZRIA metallic gown with a dare to bareback would be a perfect choice. It’s glamorous, appealing and so very chic. The high low hem makes it even more dramatic.


LOVE MOSCHINO: Don’t want to put in much effort? Just carry a stylish handbag and your look would automatically become so much more attractive like this Love Moschino quilted shoulder bag. It can easily hold your essentials like phone and cards.

Love Moschino

MICHAEL KORS: Even a basic outfit can be turned extraordinary with glam earrings. Add these Michael Kors urban rush earrings which feature such an appealing green stone and hanging chain style.

Michael Kors

DOLCE & GABBANA: Dolce & Gabbana footwear are known for the embellished and sparkling glitter heels which are made to garner attention. They are an ideal blend of comfort and glamour which is rare to find.

Dolce & Gabbana

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November 15, 2018

Trench coats are a classic that you can never go wrong with. They are a must buy for the chilly season and have always been a stylish addition. And honestly, we can’t get enough of them! They are perfect to create stunning layers and keep your winter outfits in par with the fashion scene.

They are definitely an investment worthy addition to anyone’s wardrobe as you can wear them for years to come. So buying one means sorting your winter looks for a long time. Keeping that in mind, here we have listed below a few of our favorites which you can consider.

KENZO: Floral coat? Yes please! This floral Kenzo coat is such a refreshing piece. This will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


BOTTEGA VENETA: A leather trench is also something that you can consider as they are seen a lot these days in the street style inspired looks. This Bottega Veneta coat will give you an ultra stylish appeal overall.

Bottega Veneta

MICHAEL KORS: A khaki trench is a classic piece that goes well for every occasion. This coat by Michael Kors is a signature item you would not want to miss out. You can wear them from season to season and make a statement while doing so.

Michael Kors

LOVE MOSCHINO: This plaid heart button coat by Love Moschino is so different from the usual styles available. You can wear them over work wear or casual wear as it will complete both the looks with panache. The heart shape buttons are really popping out attractively.

Love Moschino

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