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True Religion: One name for your fashion quotient

April 23, 2021

True Religion allows you to communicate your individuality and look great as you do as such. With fashionable collections for both him and her, the wearers can hit the town looking hot to trot and be almost guaranteed to attract attention. As individuals will want to know where you got your clothing articles so they can pick for themselves too. 

The likes of Victoria Beckham, Christina Aguilera, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba have often been spotted wearing True Religion jeans. These designer jeans are a reflection of timeless, chic, and bohemian style and have become trendsetters for today’s consumers.

True Religion Clothing

History Of True Religion

In 2002, True Religion rose onto the Los Angeles denim scene by blowing up the construction of the exemplary five-pocket jean. With its five-needle thread at the two-stitch-per-inch measure, the Super T stitch was instantly perceived for the style that was not normal for some other denim brand on the planet. This brand addresses the uniqueness found within each one of us. The brand is worn by athletes, and artists all around the world to communicate their style. Conveying a selective assortment of famous styles, Its centers around creating excellent premium denim and sportswear for men, women, and kids.

The reputation of True Religion clothing depends on numerous things, and attention to detail is one of them. They take enormous efforts to guarantee each tiny detail of each pair of True Religion jeans and the other items of clothing they make is done to perfection, right down to the last stitch on their stunning weaving. The brand took some time to hit the top of the markets, yet when it did… It never looked back. 

Words used to depict True Religion Jeans are; “Radical”, “Stylish”, “Timeless”, and “Bohemian”. The brand offers jeans for men, women, and youngsters in different styles. Men’s pants are in bootcut, erupted legs, thin jeans, straight-legged pants, or corduroy material. These jeans are crafted from denim that traverses a wide scope of shades, just as fluctuating looks of wear. Most of these jeans seem as though they’ve effectively been accepted and broken in for a comfortable fit. Any of these True Religion jeans, regardless of what the material is, look great with a couple of tennis shoes or boots.

The popular line offered by True Religion

True Religion T-shirts


The collection of clothing by True Religion has been quite varied and raw. The bestselling assortment by the label incorporates the scope of jeans. However, much you love the comfort of the same, you would also find stunning True Religion shirts, True Religion t shirts, women’s jeans, and a lot more. The label offers a signature range with enormous back pockets that have the intense and elaborate stitching that they have gotten acclaimed for. You can look at the collection and choose what might you want to have. 

True Religion Jeans

Fashionable accessories 

At the point when you shop outfit, you still leave your personality incomplete in light of the fact that you pass up the accessories that complete your persona. The fashionable accessories by True Religion are the ones that would be perfect for you. Browse the designer belts and hats that make the best allies for your personality. Just invest in the best accessories by True Religion and complete your personality.

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Tod’s – Make the perfect companion for your personality

April 22, 2021

Tod’s, the extravagant fashion label was established in the year 1920 in Italy. The top of the line fashion brand has been the one that is stunning and is mainstream for the collection of designer footwear and other leather merchandise across the globe. Tods does not have multiple physical stores, the high-end label has not been easily available for all fashion-conscious individuals. At the point when Tod’s appeared online – whether it is Tods India or Tods USA, things got simpler for fashionable individuals since they had the option to get to the products by the label bother-free. 

All in all, what does Tod’s offer? All things considered, let’s take a gander at the aspects that make Tod’s a particularly stunning allure. 

An image of exemplary style and comfort, Tod’s was established in the late 1970s when Mr. Della Valle launched its signature shoe: an extravagant sandal called Gommino. It ends up being the embodiment of the ideal – a tasteful shoe that can be perfectly worn on any event. Presently, that you have Tods, you will want to invest in a similar class, style, and comfort with the products accessible. 

Tod’s bags are the best. Tods has a collection of designer handbags that are just the best. The brand has a collection that isn’t modest at any cost and that is the motivation behind why the costs of the products by Tods India have gone up. It is vital to recall that although a portion of their products may cost more; the prevalent quality of their products makes them worth the cost. 

The pervasiveness of Tod’s image has prompted some sensible duplicates and modest impersonations. The outward presentation of these modest duplicates changes extraordinarily, from evident fakes that can be settled a pretty far, to impersonations that can trick even the most investigating and cautious customer. Authentic Tod’s India items gloat about fine quality sewing, just as an exquisite peering inside and outside. Zeroing in on these fine subtleties is one of the definite ways to deal with find that you are getting the brilliant Tod’s satchel that you are paying abundantly for.

Take a look at the different offerings that Tods India offers below.

What does Tod’s offer?

1.Designer footwear

The line of Tods shoes is absolutely stunning. The cuts, the comfort, and the luxurious appeal in the products are worth stepping into. If you want to make the best of your personality, investing in the line of Tods shoes online would be a great idea. You can explore styles like ballet flats, boots, flats, lace ups & dress shoes, loafers & drivers, mules, pumps, heels, sandals, floaters, and sneakers for both men and women.

Tods Footwear

2.Designer bags

Tods bags are soothing to the eyes and a perfect companion for you everywhere you go. With options like crossbody bags, hobos, satchels, totes, and more, you could have something that goes well with your personality. Moreover, something that looks ravishing while you step out in style

Tods Bags

3.Designer accessories

Accessories might sound like a small thing when talked about. However, they aren’t! They are pretty much ‘THE’ things that make sure you look spot-on. Whether it is Tod’s sunglasses, Tod’s belt, or anything else, Tods India is right there to transform you into a charming personality.

Tod Sunglasses

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DKNY – Class, and Style all in one

April 20, 2021

Well, you can say that Donna Karan, born in 1948 got her talent genetically from her father Gabby Faske, who was a custom tailor. By the time Karan completed high school she had already staged her first fashion show. However, with tidbits here and there, Donna Karan found the inspiration of getting into designing is when she found her daughter was invading her closet and wearing her dresses. Back then, the designer wasn’t so popular and owned the DKNY creation of Seven Easy Pieces. 

These effectively adaptable and interchangeable closet staples were built for the workaholic woman—it likewise revolutionized how females presented themselves in workplaces throughout the planet. And while those board-room-endorsed pieces were perfect for Karan and her companions, they certainly weren’t interesting to her teen daughter, Gabby. 

“There was a void in the market, so there it was—my daughter and her friends wearing all of my clothes. I couldn’t stand the fact that anybody else was dressing like me. It was supposed to be for me and my friends, not my daughter and her friends,” the designer once said in an interview. So to keep her daughter out of her closet, Karan chose to establish DKNY. But she took the brand a couple of steps further, venturing to create plenty of androgynous designs and incorporate numerous gender-liquid references. 

Dkny Shoes

In the first collection, men’s ties were knotted around model’s waists as belts and there were plenty of unisex styles, including plane jackets and t-shirts made for everybody—conveyed in packs of three, à la Hanes. There were likewise denim skirts, jumpsuits, bodysuits, and culottes—and so on. Contrasted with the intensely styled silhouette of the moment, these pared-back pieces looked stunningly awesome. 

“It’s not got the pretentiousness of fashion…These are clothes to have some good times in,” Karan commented about her first collection. The brand went on to get perhaps the biggest launch of the late ’80s, eventually expanding to incorporate a ton of categories including hosiery, jeans, accessories, kids, eyewear, and more.

Now, Donna Karan has left DKNY to focus on her lifestyle brand named Urban Zen.

Fashionable options offered by DKNY India

DKNY bags

The DKNY bags are stylish, attractive, and bear a name inseparable from great taste and quality. The line of bags is out there for you and the arrangement features some great looks just as some attractive updates on existing styles. They have a wide repertoire of decisions and reaches that will assist you with being a trendsetter in any sort of setting.

Henceforth, regardless of what your event is – regular wear, parties, outings, and all the more such, there are DKNY handbags for you.

You will be able to find options like mini bags, belt bags, cross bodies, totes, bucket bags, backpacks, satchels, wristlets, and many others when you search bags online.

dkny bags

DKNY clothing

When you think of DKNY clothing, there are a lot of options that one can think of. DKNY Jeans, DKNY shirts, DKNY tshirts are some of the most popular options that one can find in the line of clothing that you can find. The line of DKNY jeans India is all about a variety of fits, flares, and designs that a modern individual should have in his/her closet.

DKNY Clothing

DKNY watches

DKNY watches look pristine with a cut over the rest and are absolutely within your budget. Its unfathomable incentive for cash despite it being a particularly popular brand name has empowered DKNY watches India to get quite possibly the greatest fashion watches to date. DKNY women’s watches have both, intense fashion statements, and smooth elegant hopes to suit everybody. All watches, whether they are for men or women, are beautiful. Regardless of your style, This brand can give what you’re looking for, from fundamental to exceptionally dressy designs. 

DKNY Watches

Every DKNY watch offers a novel expression, and regardless of if you a watch is just that, a watch, or if it is your main adornment, you will discover exactly what you are searching for, and more! DKNY watches ensure that you look stunning even in the negligible number of accessories that you’re wearing – including your pair of the watch.

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Versace – A story of finest luxury brand

April 19, 2021

There’s something about the name of the brand ‘Versace’ that tickles your bone every time you hear it or see the Medusa logo on the products from the same name.

Donatella Versace rightly said,

“Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it.”

Well, extravagant fashion reformed the world in its particular manner. Versace is one brand that is special in its selection of components as well as is additionally a virtuoso with regards to advertising its assortments and making prominent connections. 

When you want to describe Versace, you cannot do it without calling it intense, seductive, and bold yet loaded with elegance. 

The business turned 43 this year and has been an inspiration to millions who are fashion-forward and desire to look stunning every single day. Since the beginning, they have crafted strikingly stunning pieces of clothing that are unapologetically extraordinary and astounding which was not considered as the general norm in that period. It has built a fashion empire, and it represents a brand family. All thanks to the passion of its founder to design something different. No doubt that Gianni Versace got the name “Rock n’ Roll designer” as he designed outfits for celebrities like Michael Jackson and Elton John. The vogue products of Versace embody lines that cover every area of our day-to-day lives. With the articulated feeling of pattern and styling, novel excellence, and solid pioneer craftsmanship portrayal, the top-of-the-line name has instituted its name in the business and everywhere in the world.

In this blog, we will lay down the history, the legacy, and everything that makes Versace a luxury brand, and also the top choice for fashion-conscious beings.


History of Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace became one of the world’s outstanding fashion designers during his short life. Brought into the world on the second of December, 1946, Gianni Versace had two kin named, Donatella Versace (sister) and his brother, Santo. 

This brand used to invest time with his mom who had a little dressmaking shop and clothing store. His fascination in fashion and garments started at an early age as he helped in the shop and appreciated the dazzling clothing that was being made by his mom for her clients. Gianni Versace began his fashion vocation with an apprenticeship at his mom’s sewing business and went onto design at Callaghan and Complice. His huge break came at Genny. He worked his approach to the innovative chief and was urged to begin his label. Gianni made the Gianni Versace Company in 1978. He included his kin Santo and Donatella Versace who turned into the brand’s dream.

Versace Handbags

Medusa – the iconic logo known to the world

Whether or not commoners know the brand’s name, what they certainly know is the Medusa logo. It is what made Versace belt, Versace shoes, Versace watches so popular even among laypeople.

In the event that you investigate the logo of the brand, you’d be fascinated to comprehend the rationale behind picking Medusa over some other to be the face of the high-end fashion brand. Medusa is a snake-like goddess in Greek legend that represents deadly enticement. Before being a snake-like diety, Medusa was a stunningly sexy woman. After seducing Poseidon (the God of Water), Medusa was punished by Athena and made to be so hideous that merely looking at her would turn men into stone. Picking Medusa in the logo returns to the legends where the fanciful figure made men experience passionate feelings for her and was difficult to be overlooked. Gianni too thought something very similar about his assortments. Consequently, he picked Medusa to beguile the purchasers. Thus, men’s ready-to-wear by the name is excessively striking, daring, and worth putting resources into. Then again, the solace is mindfully consolidated and that is noticeable in the marginally looser measurements. This brand can deal with details capably. All its designs are absolutely unique and frequently endeavored to be duplicated.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Francesca Versace, the current Head of Creative Design started working with Gianni in the 70s. It was then that everyone realized that the brother-sister team was only for a bright future of the luxury label.

After the untimely demise of Gianni, the sole responsibility of handling the company was on Donatella and she made sure that the reputation of the company never failed. She had done everything from being a picture consultant, liable for the runway, fashion parties, campaigns, and everything else that was to be done for Versace.

Under the leadership of Donatella, Its advanced the organization’s image through her advertising abilities and certain design course. After her brother’s demise, she essentially expanded the organization’s exposure in business sectors across the globe and improved its standing. Publicizing endeavors filled in Europe and the U.S. as Versace connected the essences of Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and different stars to the Versace line. Its likewise worked together with VIPs to create designs. Such associations put her in high friendly regard, with individuals, for example, Sir Elton John, Kate Moss, and Prince Charles going to her gatherings.

What does Versace offer?

This brand has a certain panache for designs that are exciting, unpredictable, and extremely mainstream. Creating designs weighed down with sexuality and/or sensuality, individuals can steal the show, break the internet, or both. Versace’s ‘Brilliant Era’ is viewed as the ’80s and ’90s. This was a time they created a string of designs that enlivened an entire generation of designers and put celebrities on the guide.

Every big celebrity name is there on the list of being a its fan including Princess Dianna, Madonna, Elton John, and Michelle Obama who wore Versace for her final state dinner.

Take a look at the options that offer:

Versace Clothing


Versace’s astonishing eye for detail empowered him to design top-of-the-line clothes with a twist and Gianni Versace consolidated very good quality fashion with current pop impacts. He could turn his hand to a wide range of designs and have the option to create clothing that claims to everybody. The line of designer clothing often flabbergasted individuals and was viewed as extremely trendy and abstract. This was the explanation numerous renowned and influential individuals decide to wear his designs. It is often noted that assuming you want to affect the red carpet step out in Versace. The rich class loves the designs of the clothing options that the luxury brand offers. Although the collection of clothes are cherished by the rich and celebrated by one and all but Gianni wanted to speak to the common individual too.

One can choose from Versace shirt, Versace t shirt, suits and so much more from the Versace clothing range.


Versace is a name that is synonymous with elegance, style, quality, and comfort when one talks about the collection of Versace shoes. The line of Versace shoes men is the one that makes sure you step in style today and every day regardless of the occasion. The spot-on designs ensure you look dapper every time you step into them. The line of its shoes makes the best companion for your feet and completes your look to the best. Versace shoes India is something that allows you to pick what you like without any hassle. Take a look at the Versace shoes that are bolder, louder and so much better than any of the other brands that the industry has. The state-of-the-art collection of Versace shoes is absolutely what you need to experience for yourself. Just one look at its shoes is what would let you have a better understanding of the bold and the edgy designs that the label offers.

Versace Watches


There nothing that completes you best than the collection of accessories by the brand. Whether you’ve been looking for Versace sunglasses or the iconic Versace belt that features the Medusa face on the buckle, you’re in for a treat. Talking about the hits, Versace watches are the stunning option because of the timeless appeal that they provide to your personality.

This is a time where fashion has become a source of entertainment – to be watched and respected – not just worn. For Versace, nothing was too extravagant too insane, or too suggestive. Yet regardless of how extravagant or provocative Versace’s clothes were in every case strikingly very much designed garments designed to flatter the body. It has always been the most fashionable and stylish name in the fashion industry across the globe. The products by Versace are genuinely fashionable for every man and woman who likes to have a pleasing profile. You can depend on the products with all that you have.

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