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Complete Guide On Selecting Matching Ties For Shirts & Pants

June 30, 2022

The suit appears to be self-sorting. The true conundrum is what you choose to wear with it—clothing designed to express something, such as a personality. And a lot of the time, it comes down to your necktie and shirt. Or, in some cases, only the luxury tie — several London banks, for example, still insist on plain white or blue shirts for their personnel. However, for those of us who have a genuine job, the question remains: which tie goes with which shirt? From form to color to texture, here is everything you need to know.

Pairing up the tie and shirt as per their shades is the key to infinite invincible looks

After you have taken care of the shape, it is time to tackle the tough task of matching the necktie and shirt aesthetic. There are numerous guides that claim to lay out color matching rules, but these are at best flimsy. The truth is that a tie and shirt that purposefully clash in pattern or color can look excellent if worn with confidence (and a relatively plain blazer). However, not everyone is as daring when it comes to matching their tie and shirt.

Focusing on color is the most straightforward way to do it right because the necktie’s color always echoes, but never quite matches, that of the shirt. Instead, the two colors are close to one another, as they were two tints that may well mix to become another on a color spectrum. Although it is not particularly creative, it is most likely the simplest method for blending two colors in a beautiful fashion.

A white shirt enables you to wear almost any necktie, and the darker hue must be in the necktie instead of the shirt. Similarly, the necktie’s pattern should be more pronounced or wider than the shirt’s design, particularly if the piece is stripped.

This does not imply that the main color of your shirt must match the primary color of the tie; rather, any noticeable details on the tie may use the shirt’s primary color as a compliment. The main section may, in fact, complement the shirt. The best contrast is achieved by pairing basic ties with plain shirts in solid (i.e., non-patterned) colors. The color will speak for itself, therefore there is no need to apply a pattern. Solid neckties actually tend to solve a variety of problems when getting changed in the early hours is hurried and sleep-deprived, and they go with both patterned and plain shirts.

The texture and composition of the tie and shirt must be in sync

The knitted necktie truly shines in this situation since its texture is captivating enough to keep things interesting on its own. Due to the focus on finding the ideal color combination when combining shirts and neckties, it is simple to overlook the appeal of substance in the dynamic between the two. Since fine, crisp cotton poplin is no longer the only material available for work shirts. Jacquard, linen, or even thin denim are all acceptable fabrics for shirts. They all seem to have a distinctive feel, which when worn with a necktie is also used as a way of personal expression.

Contrast is an additional choice, similar to how it is with color; one example is balancing the silk tie’s smooth sheen with the shirt’s rougher surface. Find a motif that goes well together, like wearing a patterned shirt with a structured necktie that is usually made of knitted cloth or satin. Since these choices are less formal, they work particularly effectively in settings where business casual is the norm.

Tie and shirt combinations you can blindly count on

Still, having trouble deciding what to wear to the office every morning? Here are some go-to combinations for the fundamental business shirts that every modern gentleman should have in his rotation

Shirt in white

White Button Down Dress Shirt

Ralph Lauren
Light Blue-Pink Modish Tie

A solid block color is a safe pick when wearing a basic white shirt because it has a broad scope Alternately, feel free to experiment with any hue of stripes, dots, and patterns. A white shirt is always a winner; you can never go wrong with one.

Shirt in blue

Ermenegildo Zegna
Blue Slim Fit Spread Collar Shirt

Calvin Klein
Charco Red Molten Botanic Tie

The pale blue shirt is particularly gorgeous, working nicely with both deeper, tonal blues and deeper tints of crimson, fiery tangerine, ochre, and emerald.

Shirt in pink

Hugo Boss
Pink Eifel Casual Shirt

Grey Dapper Stripes Silk Tie

Even though the light pink shirt pops out by itself, a midnight blue tie might tame it. To add more contrast, you can use shades of yellow, maroon, lavender, or charcoal.

Shirt with checks

Dolce & Gabbana 
Grey White Check Dress Shirt

Blue Polka Dot Tie

Check shirts are excellent for daywear, but they may also be glammed up for a more conventional corporate environment when worn with a block-color necktie (particularly one that complements one of the shirt’s primary colors).

Make very sure the tie’s pattern is louder and wider if you are wearing a checked shirt with one, whether it be striped, checkered, dotted, or something else, to prevent it from blending in with the shirt.

Shirt with stripes

Armani Collezioni
Multicolor Striped Dress Shirt

Cherry Black Striped Tie

Your best bet when wearing a striped shirt—which is often attractive enough on its own—is a straightforward, block-color necktie in a coordinating or tonal color.

As long as the pattern is stronger and in a different arrangement (vertical stripes against horizontal stripes, for instance), to give some much-needed variation, a striped tie is a sure choice when it comes to pattern recognition.

It is not easy to find a tie and shirt to be nice neighbors. But it is also nothing to be concerned about. When it comes to assessing your entire appearance, guys tend to place significantly more emphasis on getting their necktie and shirt selection correct than it deserves.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before getting too riled up about your tie and shirt ensemble: a well-fitting suit, excellent, clean shoes, ironed clothing, and even your overall presentation. If you do these things right, the fact that your necktie looks great with your shirt is definitely added bonus. If it does not, put it down to your personal taste.

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Guide On Different Types Of Tees & Top Tips To Wear Them

June 27, 2022

T-shirts have been popular for a variety of reasons since their arrival in the fashion world.  Please reframe, not able to understand.

Even so, it is fair to claim that the fashion cycle is virtuous. Whatever goes out comes back in a more fashionable version, with changes to fit the era.

The same may be said for tees. What began as casual wear has evolved into one of the most fashionable pieces of apparel for guys. This particular kind of clothing was not always as “cool” as you may think.

Its potential was greatly harmed when it was only deemed suitable enough for informal purposes, rather than the goal it was created to achieve. Necessity, as they say, is the basis of development. Someone in the world didn’t have any other choice than to wear a tee to a formal function at some point.

To everyone’s surprise, it looked more than appropriate and even spectacular when styled for the occasion. Today, it’s a must-have item that men can’t get enough of.

Read ahead for the classification of t-shirts based on:


The most prevalent necklines that have offered the tee a contemporary look while maintaining its beauty are listed below.

Round Neck

Neon Green Front Logo T-Shirt

The crew neck t-shirt is perhaps the most common t-shirt that you’ll see on males. It has a round, circular collar that fits snugly around the neck and is best worn by guys with long, thin features and sloped shoulders for a well-rounded shape. Nothing beats a crew neck tee for a classic style.

V Neck

True Religion
Cherry V-Neck Horseshoe Logo T-Shirt

This sort of tee has a V-shaped neckline, as the name implies. Guys with wide features and broad shoulders can benefit from this neckline because it slims them down and flatters their body type. It looks great with an open shirt because the V neckline is hidden beneath the shirt.


The Henley t-shirt can best be defined as a cross between a crew and a V-neckline. It features a several-inch-deep buttoning placket that fits ideally over a well-built, muscular chest. The inclusion of buttons enhances its visual quality while preserving a macho air.

Polo collar

Ralph Lauren
White Custom Fit Big Pony Polo

Golfers have made polo tees famous, and the collared variety with buttons adds a touch of formality to the style. This luxury t-shirt style is best suited to men who have a slim build.

Scoop Style

Another version of the crew neck is the scoop neck, which has a round neckline that falls a few inches just under the collarbone. It has a subtlety that enhances the fashionable appearance without being as gruff as the other necklines.

Sleeve length

The cut and fit of a tee can distinguish between a man who knows his way around a shirt and one who is attempting to impress. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sleeve lengths and how to style them.


The sleeveless t-shirt, often known as a tank top, has a deeper neck and straps that range in thickness from very thin to virtually covering the shoulders. It’s ideal for a powerfully muscled body because it allows you to flaunt your toned upper torso with style.

Cap sleeves

The cap sleeves give the standard sleeves a quirky twist. They extend to a point above the shoulders but do not cover the arm, forming a cap-like extension.

Half, three-quarter, and full-length sleeves

Half-sleeve tees for men are the most classic form of a sleeve, but they are also the most flattering on guys. The best approach to wearing it is to make sure the sleeve reaches your upper arm’s middle and tightly grips your biceps.

This style of sleeve covers the entire upper arm, terminating just below the elbow and extending to the forearm in various lengths.

These sleeves are a mainstay of most luxury men’s t-shirts, so they don’t need an introduction. Long sleeves have long been associated with shirts, but they’ve made the transition to tees, and the result is a fashion favorite.


In terms of style, an ill-fitting tee can be the ultimate deal-breaker. A well-fitted tee, on the other hand, will transform your appearance. A decent fit refers to the t-shirt fitting snugly around your torso but still allowing adequate room for air to flow and flatter your body form.

You’ve gone up one size too many if your t-shirt is big, with the sleeves drooping down and draped lifelessly over your torso. On the other hand, if your tummy and arms seep out of the tee in strange directions, it appears that you are trying too hard with a small tee.


A slim fit tee is also known as a slim fit tee because it embraces the shape of your body rather than draping it lifelessly. It works well as an undershirt and looks great with a shirt, jacket, or pullover.


These, like the slim fits, have made a reappearance from the 1990s and now have a place in an evolved fashionable man’s wardrobe. However, keep in mind that a baggy fit does not tees imply big, but rather something wider and more flexible in the sleeve area.



Ben Sherman
Red Micro Floral Pocket T-Shirt

Pocket tee are exactly what they sound like: they have a pocket on the left breast of the garment. The pocket is an unusual touch that may bring a splash of color to any monotonous t-shirt when it’s in a complementary hue.


Hoodies give a level of refinement to your outfit that you won’t find in any other style. Its athletic appeal is ideal for going to the gym or playing football with your buddies. The colors of tees that are most popular


Versace Jeans Couture
Black Medusa Logo Polo

Surprisingly, the graphic tee can be found on celluloid in the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. Pop culture has had a tremendous impact on such t-shirts since then, with all kinds of artistic exhibits using the tee as a canvas. It’s a fun approach to creating a relaxed fashion statement.


Dolce & Gabbana
BlackWhite Printed T-Shirt

Wear your heart on your sleeves by adding spunk to your monochrome ensemble, from popular slogans to bespoke patterns. To complete the outfit, pair it with a pair of blue jeans and a pair of trendy sneakers.


Phillip Plein
Black Graphic Logo T-Shirt

A man’s wardrobe must include plain t-shirts. After all, they’re considered classics for a reason. Nothing is more appealing than a man dressed in a perfectly fitting white tee.

The demand for t-shirts does not appear to be going away anytime soon. At most, it’ll likely fit in with current trends while maintaining its character.

There will never be enough tees, no matter how many you have on hand. And once you’ve exhausted these options, there are plenty more to tempt you.

Many luxury designer companies have an inexhaustible supply of t-shirts that you can wear on any occasion. Check out the most recent collection today for a quick wardrobe refresh.

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Tips To Wear A White Shirt & Their Combination Pants

June 21, 2022

A classic white shirt appeals to be flaunted properly. It’s a wardrobe essential for every man. The white shirt has been around for millennia. This piece of fashionable clothing can be updated in a variety of ways. Experiment with different color combinations to see what you can come up with. A white shirt with a narrow cut, high armholes, and sleeves that graze the arms is great.

Sure, shirts come in a variety of colors and styles, but let’s start with white to get the most out of your fashion challenge. With our help, you’ll be able to find a style that complements your features and makes them look excellent on you. A white shirt deserves a presence in your life because it’s about elevating your quotient to a new level.

1. Pair up your white shirt with black trousers

Emporio Armani
Black Flat Front Wool Trousers

The versatility of a white shirt is your cool guy friend, thanks to its style. You should go for a monochromatic look. Keep it simple by pairing it with black trousers for a more formal appearance. Choose a tie for this occasion. We recommend rolling up your sleeves if you want to appear semi-formal. It’s undeniably one of those pieces that can be styled in a variety of ways.

2. Style your white shirt with your favorite pair of coral pants

Coral, a pastel color, is here to liven things up. So take advantage of this opportunity and say yes to this fashionable look. Combine it with your white shirt to create a fashionable look that will captivate women. It’s a great way to look a little more put-together. The perfect fit can make it seem a thousand times better while also completely preparing your personality.

Pair this shirt, which is always at your side, to snare millions of admirers. When you want to seem attractive, it’s a good friend. Believe it or not, a white shirt is a fashion staple that never goes out of style.

3. Blue trousers and a white shirt for an unbeatable look

Calvin Klein
Royal Blue Wool Suit Separates Pants

This is an option that allows you to appear intelligent. Find your favorite pair of blue pants and combine them with a white shirt. In this situation, oxfords with a leather belt are the way to go. Wear a leather jacket over it in the fall to add a little more oomph. We guarantee there will be a lot of drooling and rolling of eyes if you make this call.

4. White Shirt with beige pants for a flawless look

Neil Barrett
Beige Mid Rise Waist Pants

Take this tip as the top fashion advice if you want to lighten the tint. Pair your white shirt with a pair of beige trousers. It’s the ideal outfit for a day at the beach. Roll up your sleeves and pair them with a good watch. Put on some suede shoes or loafers to make it even more stunning, and you’ll be the focus of attention in no time.

5. Mint trousers along with a white shirt

Choosing a lighter hue with a white shirt is one of the best ways to anchor a guy’s outfit. It gives the basic shirt a little more texture, and the outfit doesn’t appear too busy. With a pair of sunglasses and white sneakers, you can amp up the look even further.

6. Green trousers and a white shirt make up for a perfect summer outfit

Hugo Boss
Bottle Green Slim Fit Chinos

It is not always necessary to wear a white shirt to achieve the desired effect. Here’s a tip to keep in mind if you want to look upbeat. Wear a pair of green pants with your white shirt. It can be worn with a belt to add depth. To complete this utterly informal summer appearance, select between brogues and oxfords.

7. Style your white shirt with your favorite pair of burgundy pants

Make a statement with a bright color. Wear a burgundy pair of pants with your white shirt. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we recommend giving it a try because you never know who you’ll meet. Make sure there isn’t too much clash of loudness here, and all you have to do to complete the outfit is add brown brogues.

8. Opt for a light grey pair of pants with a white shirt

Calvin Klein
Medium Grey Slim Fit Dress Pants

When it pertains to bottoms, it’s not all about monotone, so keep an eye out for other possibilities. Take inspiration from this look and pair a white shirt with grey jeans. Put on your blazer when there is a special event, and when there isn’t, just throw on a pair of sneakers. This way, you may score style points while saving money.

9. Brown trousers and a white shirt make up for a classic look

Neil Barrett
Brown Double Pleats Wide Leg Pants

Combine your white shirt with brown chinos and a black leather belt to create a collection capsule. It is the epitome of simplicity. Here, it’s all about the fit and the material. The shirt should be a little looser but not too loose. Leather shoes are a great way to go here and will give you a professional look. Don’t forget to pair it with your sunglasses.

10. Pair up your white shirt with khaki pants for a spirited look

You can dress up a little with a white shirt and khaki pants. This one is extremely experimental, yet it’s a tremendous winner because it’s fresh and original. With this style, the tough guy gets a makeover. You’re set to make a stunning fashion statement with your brown loafers and some fashionable accessories.

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The Top 6 Stylish Outfit Ideas For Men To Dress Up For A Summer Wedding

June 2, 2022

At some moment in a man’s life, summer becomes an ostensibly limitless rotation of other people’s weddings. If you haven’t driven it to that pinpoint yet, don’t fret: the summer betrothal term of the year is on its way. The steady deliberation of wedding outfits is another instance.

What do you think of cocktail chic? Black tie with a twist? What do you mean, smart casual? The lack of agreement is understandable. The good news is that all of those ridiculously imprecise terms fit into one of a few categories, and they all have one thing in common: no matter where you’re going, your old blue suit isn’t going to cut it.

From summer weddings to winter weddings to every impossibly obscure seasonal permutation in between, you’ll discover a no-frills rundown of what you actually need to know to hit the wedding circuit in style below. (We’re not saying that best man privileges are required as a thank you on your own special day, but we’re also not saying that.) You don’t have to duplicate these looks exactly, but if you’re looking for wedding-related inspiration, there’s no better place to look. Your search for “wedding costumes for men” has come to an end.

Revive your excitement for the upcoming wedding season and drop the stress of styling yourself. Here comes a list of outfits that are sure to make you stand out in all wedding ceremonies.

Dolce & Gabbana Double Breasted Suit

Dolce & Gabbana
Black Double Breasted Suit

Dolce & Gabbana‘s black double-breasted suit is made of wool and features long sleeves, two-button closure, and a spread collar in the jacket, as well as a zip fly with button closure and belt loops in the pants.

Changing the fabric from the omnipresent wool to something snazzier like mohair or less stuffy like linen, depending on the desired attitude, is another feasible alternative to your everyday two-piece silhouette as well as the temperature.

Versace Collection Wool Plaid Suit

Versace Collection
Grey Wool Plaid Suit

The grey wool plaid suit from Versace Collection has notch collars, long sleeves, buttoned accent at wrists, besom chest patch, zipper with button fastening in pants, and two side pockets.

For a suit that will never go out of style, choose a color like grey, or navy, or a summer neutral like beige or stone for an ideal suit set that will never go out of style. Try a bolder color like cobalt or sage green for something that is just as easy to wear but carries a punch.

Neil Barrett Slim Fit Suit

Neil Barett
Beige Slim Fit 2 Button Suit

Neil Barret‘s beige slim-cut 2-button suit has a single-breasted jacket, long sleeves with buttons, pants with button closure, zip fly, and belt loops. You also have some liberty, if not complete freedom, to branch out beyond the conservative urban staples of navy and grey. When it comes to colors, go for warmer, more neutral tones with texture. Mattified fabrics, as well as patterns like checks and florals, feel more relaxed and country-appropriate (and will hold up better to chunkier footwear).

Ermenegildo Zegna Wool Peak Lapel Suit

Ermenegildo Zegna
Black Wool Peak Lapel 1 Button Suit

Choosing the appropriate suit fabric is crucial at any time of year. However, it’s especially essential for summer weddings, when rising temperatures and sweat patches may undo all of your hard sartorial work.

Ermenegildo Zegna’s black wool peak lapel 1-button suit has a single-breasted jacket, long sleeves, and pants with hook-eye fastening and belt loops.

Marc Jacobs Wool Silk Suit

Marc Jacobs
Navy Blue Wool Silk One Button Suit

This navy blue wool-silk one-button suit from Marc Jacobs, an absolute choice for a summer wedding, is made of cotton and has long sleeves, a spread collar, and a button closure in the jacket, as well as a zip fly with a button closure in the pants. This will go perfectly well with all the expectations you must have from your look for the event.

Neil Barrett Slim Fit Suit

Neil Barrett
Brown Slim Fit 2 Button Suit

Neil Barret’s brown slim fit 2-button suit is made of polyester and has a single-breasted jacket, long sleeves with buttons, button-closure pants, a zip fly, and belt loops.

Top rules to abide by for looking your best for a summer wedding

Carefully analyze the invite to the event

These aren’t just some decent paper scraps. When it is the time to position a glamorous outfit for the affair, the wedding invitation is the first hint.

Bring the venue into consideration

Before resolving what to sport to a marriage, think about the venue of the occasion. A pastel suit, a white shirt, and sockless loafers are great for a beach ceremony.

Do not forgo your personal spirit of style

Just because the dress code for a wedding is stringent, opt-out of concealing your essence. Whether professional or casual, you must confirm that you are dressed suitably while remaining dedicated to your unique style. Subtle touches, such as a nice metallic timepiece or a distinctive brogue, can help you personalize your look.

Refrain from stealing the groom’s spotlight

While ‘doing you’ will certainly earn you fashion points, it’s only courteous to refrain from taking the limelight away from the man of the event. For male wedding guests, the most important rule is to avoid upstaging the groom.

Select your materials with careful consideration

Choosing the proper suit material is crucial at any period of the year. However, it’s specifically essential for summer nuptials, when ascending heat and humid weather may unbind all of your formidable sartorial work.

The glump of information above is enough to port you through this wedding season, while successfully making you look your very best at all moments.

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