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October 31, 2019

Scarves are a must have winter accessory which makes the simple or dull winter looks a little more fun while also keeping us warm. These little wonders can enhance the appearance and is an effortless way to do the same. Various luxury brands offer impressive options which not only elevate the looks but also reflect the personality of the wearer.

Signature scarves by luxury brands have an iconic appeal. You can find subtle colors like black, navy, brown, etc. and also some poppy colors like red, pink, orange, multicolor, etc. You can play with them as you like and experiment with your winter outfits. Let’s check out some of brands which are a must in this category.

VERSACE: The brand is known for its iconic and distinguish range mostly featuring the logo of the label. This Versace purple logo scarf is great for both men as well as women to add a touch of luxury and timeless allure in your look.


MOSCHINO: If you are looking for something quirky, Moschino scarves would be an ideal choice. They feature poppy colors and unique designs which you would love to flaunt. Women all over the world admire the collection and it’s not hard to see why.


SAINT LAURENT: Another luxury brand which is popular in this category is Saint Laurent. The range features classic designs and color making them suitable for everyone and every occasion. This Saint Laurent logo scarf is a great example of the same.

Saint Laurent

MICHAEL KORS: Michael Kors is a brand to lookout for when you want something trendy as well as luxurious. This charcoal reversible scarf by Michael Kors can be worn in two ways and create an impact in both. The logo print all over gives it a signature appeal which would look great over contrasting outfits.

Michael Kors

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Jimmy Choo Footwear: Shoes to make all feet look fashionable

October 21, 2019

No matter how hard one tries to ignore the shimmer of the Jimmy Choo footwear styles, they cannot get past the glam of the same. These products by Jimmy Choo India are the ones that complete your personality and make you stand out. Jimmy Choo footwear available in India comes in easy to every fashion-conscious wearer who pays keen attention to the accessories and knows how important they are to make the attire super stylish. The collection of designer footwear by Jimmy Choo India are some of the most stylish options that you’ll come across. You’d see the name of the label being used in a lot of movies like “Devil Wears Prada” or “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and more, and this proves that the brand is world-famous. You would spot Jimmy Choo footwear on your favorite celebrities and fashion influencers.


In Jimmy Choo footwear, you can see the uniqueness and the absolute quality in everything about the shoe. The structure and strategy of every individual branded footwear by Jimmy Choo in India makes sure that each option is one of a kind. With each Jimmy Choo footwear, you will feel equivalent unmistakable comfort that enables your feet to breathe and remain relaxed for the day. So, you can put your game on and glam on with the products.

What options are available in Jimmy Choo footwear?

The strappy affair

Whether you choose to have the Logo Heels by Jimmy Choo India that feature brand name with the strappy design of the designer shoes or classic straps that cover your feet in the solid colors or shimmer fabric, you would love to have a strappy affair for yourself. The chic Jimmy Choo heels can make your style special as well as take your appearance to a whole new level. If you are headed to a party, wedding or any special occasion, the brand will make sure you grab every eye ball.

The glitter and glamorous Jimmy Choo footwear

Whether you choose to have the Romy glitter heels or Sophia glitter heels for yourself, you are investing in the best and the most glamorous options for your personality. The glitter heels by the brand are considered as a must have in bridal trousseau as well as they perfectly complements the bridal attire. Because all women like the feeling of being fashionable with good branded footwear, these are the best options to go for. No matter what occasion you’re looking for – partying, self-love or any other, the shimmery pair of shoes by Jimmy Choo in India are absolutely a must-have for making your personality look elegant & glam.


The comfort edition

When you talk about comfort, you can think of sneakers, boots, espadrilles etc. If you take a closer look at the line of footwear by Jimmy Choo India you will find great options for women of all ages. While making each pair, comfort is always the priority for the label therefore while wearing any pair by the brand, you will never feel discomfort even after long hours. Behind all the beauty of these footwear, comfort and practicality is the topmost feature that everyone loves.


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Be party prepped with bags by Stella McCartney India

October 17, 2019

Did you know how did Stella McCartney kicked off in the first place in the fashion industry? The founder was interested in designing clothes since her childhood and it was her passion that took her from being an aspiring fashion designer to a renowned name in the luxury fashion industry. It was in the year 2001 when McCartney launched her fashion house under Gucci (Kering) and since then, there was no turning back. Since then, Stella McCartney has been the brand that gradually incorporated the different collections of perfumes, lingerie, kids collection and so much more.


The brand quickly became popular across the globe and today is one of the most recognized labels. Now, the population of the country can easily shop the collection of Stella McCartney handbags, perfumes, branded shoes and so much more in India online. Stella McCartney in India features a wide inventory that allows you to shop for anything and everything that would be a plus for your pleasing personality. The collection of designer handbags by Stella McCartney in India is the blockbuster collection that you’d be able to invest in. The entire range is vibrant and appealing to the eyes. You can grab any Stella McCartney handbag that matches your mood and outfit. There are so many options to choose from and when you take a look at them, you would be able to surely find something that appeals to you. The pretty yet practical range can be relied on no matter where you are headed to.

Some of the most popular designer handbags by Stella McCartney in India are mentioned below.

Stella McCartney Falabella collection

Introduced in the year 2010’s winter collection, the Stella McCartney Falabella collection is the ‘It’ bag that you need for a rockstar personality in combination with a chic appeal. With prominent whipstitched hardware on the edges, the bag adds the perfect edgy touch to any outfit. The fabric that the Falabella collection features is vegan leather, recycled nylon, and jacquard weave. You would love the different styles available in this range.


Stella McCartney Shopping collection

Planning to go shopping with your girls? So, what are you planning to take as your companion? The range of Shopping collection by Stella McCartney India is all about huge space for you to carry a lot more than just the necessary. Their looks are subtle yet very stunning for a pleasing personality. The collection features large tote bags made with different fabrics that are cruelty-free.


Stella McCartney Quilted collection

Quilted designer bags are simply one of the most popular options that are available in the fashion industry. The collection of Quilted Stella McCartney handbags are soft, pulpy and visually appealing. Pick from the large totes, crossbody bags, shoulder bags and more from this collection by Stella McCartney India on darveys.


The one thing that makes the products by Stella McCartney in India different from the others is that the brand believes in sustainability and commitment to using animal-free alternatives throughout their collections. You can check out the entire collection on and get upto 60% off on your favorites.

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