The 18 Best Summer Outfits For Men In 2023

May 16, 2023

summer outfits for men

As the summer sun shines brightly and the temperature rises, it’s time for summer outfits for men. Their wardrobes with the latest summer fashion trends.

This year, summer fashion for men is all about striking the perfect balance between style and practicality.

From vibrant patterns and bold color choices to lightweight fabrics and versatile layering, we’ve curated a diverse selection of summer outfits for men that cater to different tastes and occasions.

Prepare to discover the latest trends in casual wear, formal attire, and everything in between.

Our guide will showcase the must-have pieces, accessories, and styling tips that will keep you looking effortlessly stylish throughout the sunny season.

Get ready to elevate your summer wardrobe game and make a lasting impression with these top 15 summer outfits for men in 2023.

Let’s dive in and embrace the sartorial joys that summer has to offer!

1- Linen Button-Down Shirt and Shorts

Linen Button-Down Shirt and Shorts

A classic and timeless look that never goes out of style. The lightweight and breathable linen fabric keeps you cool and comfortable in the scorching heat.

The button-down shirt, with its relaxed fit and airy texture, exudes a laid-back yet sophisticated vibe.

Pair it with a well-fitted pair of shorts, and you have a versatile and stylish outfit for any casual occasion.

The natural wrinkles of linen add a touch of effortless charm, while the earthy tones or vibrant colors of the ensemble reflect the vibrant spirit of summer outfits for men in 2023

This combination is both timeless and trendy, ensuring you stay fashion-forward while enjoying the sunny season.

Your top pick for linen button down shirts from Darveys can be Emporio Armani Blue Classic Linen Shirts and more.

2- Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt and Dress Pants

Printed Short-Sleeve Shirt and Dress Pants

The printed short-sleeve shirt is an essential summer wardrobe staple for men, combining style, comfort, and versatility.

With its vibrant patterns and eye-catching designs, this shirt adds a touch of personality and playfulness to any outfit.

Whether it’s floral, geometric, tropical, or abstract prints, the options are endless.

Perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions, this shirt pairs well with dress pants and even chinos.

Its lightweight and breathable fabric make it ideal for hot summer days, allowing you to stay cool and stylish.

The printed short-sleeve shirt effortlessly captures the essence of summer fashion, exuding confidence and a laid-back vibe wherever you go.

3- Pastel Polo and Chinos

 Pastel Polo and Chinos

When it comes to summer outfits for men, the combination of a pastel polo and chinos is a winning choice.

The pastel polo, with its soft and refreshing hues, brings a touch of sophistication to any look. Its lightweight fabric keeps you cool while exuding effortless charm.

Paired with chinos, the outfit achieves a perfect balance between casual and refined.

Chinos offer versatility and comfort, allowing you to transition seamlessly from a casual gathering to a more formal event.

Whether in classic beige or a pastel shade to match the polo, chinos complete the ensemble with a tailored and polished appearance. This timeless combination is a go-to option for a stylish summer wardrobe.

4- Light-Wash Denim and White Tee

Light-Wash Denim and White men Tee

The combination of light-wash denim and a crisp white tee is a quintessential summer outfit for men that effortlessly exudes casual yet stylish vibes.

The light-wash denim, with its faded and worn-in look, adds a relaxed and laid-back feel to the ensemble, perfect for warm weather.

Paired with a simple white tee, it creates a clean and timeless aesthetic. This versatile combination can be dressed up with a blazer or dressed down with sneakers, making it suitable for a range of occasions.

The light colors of the denim and tee also help to reflect sunlight, keeping you cool and comfortable during the summer months.

Embrace the easygoing charm of this classic pairing and enjoy a season of effortless style.

Your top pick for white tee from Darveys can be Dsquared2 White One Life Cool Fit Printed T-Shirt and more.

5- Printed Swim Trunks and Button-Down Shirt

Printed Swim Trunks and Button-Down Shirt

For a day at the beach or by the pool, When it comes to summer outfits for men, the combination of swim trunks and a button-down shirt is a winning choice.

Swim trunks are a staple for beach days and poolside lounging, offering comfort and functionality with quick-drying fabrics and elastic waistbands.

Paired with a button-down shirt, this ensemble effortlessly transitions from the water to a stylish, casual look.

The button-down shirt adds a touch of sophistication, creating a polished appearance.

Opt for lightweight and breathable materials like linen or cotton to combat the summer heat.

Whether it’s a vibrant pattern or a solid color, this pairing exudes relaxed yet refined summer vibes.

6- Linen Suit

Linen Suit summer outfits for men

The linen suit stands as a timeless and essential summer outfit for men, effortlessly combining sophistication and comfort.

Crafted from lightweight linen fabric, this ensemble offers breathability and allows for easy movement in the heat.

Its relaxed yet refined aesthetic exudes a sense of laid-back elegance.

The versatility of the linen suit is unmatched, as it can be dressed up or down for various occasions.

Pair it with a crisp white shirt and loafers for a polished formal look, or dress it down with a linen shirt and sandals for a more relaxed, beach-inspired style.

The linen suit embodies summer sophistication at its finest. Look your best with the classy collection of linen suits for men from Darveys

Like Brunello Cucinelli Navy Blue Single-Breasted Linen Blazer and more

7- Graphic Tee and Cargo Shorts

Graphic Tee and Cargo Shorts

When it comes to summer outfits for men keep it effortless and comfortable with a graphic tee paired with cargo shorts for a timeless appearance.

The graphic tee adds a pop of personality with its bold prints, vibrant colors, and eye-catching designs.

It allows men to express their individuality while staying cool in the summer heat.

Paired with cargo shorts, which offer a relaxed fit and multiple pockets for convenience, this ensemble provides a casual and laid-back look.

Whether it’s a beach outing, a weekend getaway, or a casual gathering with friends, the graphic tee and cargo shorts combo is a go-to option for a cool and effortless summer outfit.

8- Color-Blocked Shirt and White Jeans

Color-Blocked Shirt and White Jeans

Add a pop of color to your summer wardrobe with a color-blocked shirt paired with white jeans for men who want to look stylish and feel comfortable.

The vibrant colors of the shirt add a playful touch, while the white pants provide a fresh and clean look.

The key to nailing this look is to balance the colors and patterns of the shirt with the simplicity of the jeans.

The shirt should be the focal point of the outfit, so keep the rest of the look simple with classic sneakers or loafers.

This combination is versatile and can be worn to a casual gathering or dressed up for a more formal occasion.

It’s a great way to stay cool while making a statement this summer.

9- Striped Shirt and Bermuda Shorts

Striped Shirt and Bermuda Shorts

Stripes are a summer staple, and a striped shirt paired with bermuda shorts is a classic and timeless look.

The alluring appeal of a well-fitted striped shirt brings a touch of sophistication, while the shorts offer comfort and casual flair.

Opt for a lightweight, breathable fabric for both the shirt and shorts to beat the summer heat.

Play with different stripe widths and colors to add visual interest and personality to your ensemble.

Pair the outfit with boat shoes or canvas sneakers for a relaxed yet put-together look.

Whether you’re heading to a beachside gathering or a weekend brunch, the striped shirt and shorts combo exudes effortless style and embraces the laid-back vibes of summer.

10- Seersucker Suit

Seersucker Suit summer outfits for men

The Seersucker suit is a classic summer outfit that exudes timeless style and sophistication.

This lightweight and breathable suit is made from a unique seersucker fabric that has a distinctive puckered texture and alternating light and dark stripes.

The subtle texture and unique pattern of the seersucker fabric add depth and dimension to the suit, while also keeping the wearer cool and comfortable in hot weather.

The Seersucker Suit is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

It pairs well with a crisp white shirt and a colorful tie for a more formal look, or with a casual polo shirt for a laid-back summer style.

With its classic style and practicality, the Seersucker Suit is a must-have for any stylish man’s summer wardrobe.

11- Hawaiian Shirt and Jeans

Hawaiian Shirt and Jeans For Him

Bring a touch of the tropics to your summer wardrobe with a fun Hawaiian shirt paired with jeans.

The vibrant and colorful patterns of the Hawaiian shirt instantly evoke a sense of tropical relaxation, while the lightweight fabric keeps you cool in the summer heat.

Paired with a well-fitted pair of jeans, this ensemble strikes the perfect balance between casual and put-together.

The jeans provide a versatile and timeless foundation, offering a touch of ruggedness to contrast the playful nature of the Hawaiian shirt.

Finish off the look with some comfortable sneakers or loafers, and you’re ready to embrace the sunny vibes of summer with confidence and flair.

Your top pick for Hawaiian shirts from Darveys can be Dolce & Gabbana Multi Color Hawaiian Print Shirt and more. 

12- Linen Blazer and Shorts

Linen Blazer and Shorts summer outfits for men

Dress up your summer look with a linen blazer paired with shorts that stand out as a stylish and comfortable choice.

The linen blazer exudes sophistication while keeping you cool with its breathable fabric. Its relaxed fit and lightweight nature make it perfect for warmer days.

Paired with shorts, this ensemble achieves a smart-casual balance, making it ideal for various occasions.

The shorts, preferably tailored or chino-style, provide a polished yet relaxed look.

Complete the outfit with a crisp button-down shirt or a lightweight polo, along with loafers or canvas sneakers for a touch of laid-back charm.

The linen blazer and shorts combination embodies summer elegance and effortless style

13- Lightweight Bomber Jacket and Wide Leg Jeans

Lightweight Bomber Jacket and Wide Leg Jeans

For cooler summer evenings, opt for a lightweight bomber jacket paired with Wide leg jeans for a stylish and comfortable look.

The lightweight bomber jacket adds a touch of coolness to any ensemble while providing just the right amount of warmth during breezy summer evenings.

Its versatile nature allows it to be paired with a variety of outfits, making it a wardrobe staple.

When combined with wide leg jeans, the look exudes effortless sophistication.

Wide leg jeans offer a relaxed yet refined appeal, with their breathable fabric and comfortable fit.

Together, the lightweight bomber jacket and jeans create a polished and stylish summer outfit that strikes the perfect balance between comfort and fashion-forwardness

14- Tank Vest and Shorts

Tank Vest and Shorts For Men

Keep it simple, casual and effortless while blending style and comfort with a tank top paired with shorts.

The tank vest, with its sleeveless design, allows for maximum breathability, keeping you cool on those scorching days.

Pair it with a well-fitted pair of shorts, ideally made from lightweight materials like cotton or linen, for optimal comfort and mobility.

Opt for neutral colors like white, gray, or navy for a versatile and timeless look, or experiment with vibrant hues and patterns for a bolder statement.

Complete the outfit with comfortable sneakers or sandals, sunglasses, and a stylish hat, and you’re ready to embrace the summer heat with undeniable style.

15- Short-Sleeve Henley and Joggers

Short-Sleeve Henley and Joggers

Short-sleeve Henley shirts and joggers make for a versatile and comfortable summer outfit for men.

The Henley shirt, with its button-front and collarless design, is a casual yet stylish alternative to the classic t-shirt.

It can be dressed up with chinos or dressed down with shorts for a more relaxed look.

When paired with joggers, the outfit offers a comfortable and functional option for summer activities, such as running errands or playing sports.

Joggers come in a variety of fabrics, from lightweight cotton to breathable performance materials, ensuring comfort in the heat.

Overall, the short-sleeve Henley and joggers combination strikes a balance between style and comfort, making it a perfect summer outfit choice.

16- Denim Shirt and Cargo Pants

Denim Shirt and Cargo Pants summer outfits for men

The denim shirt with cargo pants combination is a go-to summer outfit for men seeking a blend of casual comfort and rugged style.

The denim shirt adds a touch of timeless charm with its versatile appeal, while cargo pants provide a practical and utilitarian edge.

This ensemble strikes the perfect balance between fashion and functionality.

The denim shirt, whether light or dark wash, pairs effortlessly with the earthy tones and functional pockets of cargo pants.

It exudes a laid-back vibe while maintaining a hint of masculinity. Completing the look with a pair of sturdy boots or sneakers

It will ensure a fashion-forward and effortlessly cool summer outfit that’s ready for any adventure.

17- Denim Shorts and Solid Color Tee

Denim Shorts and Solid Color Tee summer outfits for men

This attractive and vibrant attire creates the perfect summer outfit for men while effortlessly combining style and comfort together.

The timeless appeal of denim adds a casual yet rugged charm to the ensemble, while the solid color tee provides a clean and minimalistic backdrop.

The shorts, typically crafted from durable denim fabric, offer a relaxed fit that allows for easy movement in warmer temperatures.

The solid color tee, whether it’s a classic white, a vibrant hue, or a muted tone, adds a touch of versatility to the look.

This combination exudes a laid-back vibe, making it ideal for beach trips, backyard barbecues, or leisurely strolls in the sun.

Complete the outfit with a pair of sneakers or sandals, and you’ll be ready to embrace the summer season in style.

18- Parachute Pants and Oversized Shirt

Parachute Pants and Oversized Shirt summer outfits for men

When it comes to the best summer outfits for men, one combination that effortlessly blends style and comfort is the pairing of parachute pants and an oversized shirt.

Parachute pants, with their lightweight and breathable fabric, provide a relaxed and airy feel ideal for warmer temperatures.

Their tapered design adds a touch of modernity to the look.

Teamed up with an oversized shirt, the outfit exudes an effortlessly cool vibe.

The loose silhouette of the shirt ensures maximum comfort while creating a laid-back and on-trend aesthetic.

This ensemble is perfect for casual outings, beach days, or any occasion where you want to stay fashionable without sacrificing ease and relaxation.

Embrace the summer outfits for men with unbeatable combination of parachute pants and an oversized shirt.


The summer of 2023 presents a plethora of exciting fashion options for men to explore. From classic staples to contemporary trends, these standout outfits will keep you cool, stylish, and on-trend throughout the season.

Embrace the timeless elegance of linen shirts and tailored shorts, or make a bold statement with vibrant prints and patterns.

Don’t forget to accessorize with sunglasses, hats, and comfortable footwear to complete your summer look.

Whether you’re lounging by the beach, attending a backyard BBQ, or exploring the city, these curated outfits offer versatility and fashion-forward flair.

Step into summer with confidence and showcase your personal style with the 15 best summer outfits for men in 2023.