Ted Baker India: Define your Fashion Statement

December 13, 2019

Ted Baker is one of the leading luxury fashion labels that have several showrooms as well as direct online services delivering its branded products to the customer’s all over the world. Established in the year 1988 as a shirt specialist in Glasgow, UK by Ray Kelvin, the label has come a long way in providing the customers with unconventional designs and twists in the collection offered worldwide. Ted Baker quickly became popular for their contemporary style of shirts and other products.

ted baker

From the very starting, the luxury label had aimed at the quality, detailing and unconventional sense of humor as they provided a laundry service for every shirt purchased. Ted Baker soon gained the title of ‘No ordinary designer label’ after this. The label is now the fastest growing and expanding lifestyle brand. Today Ted Baker has arrived in India too after gaining popularity for their elegant sense of styling. Ted Baker India offers a wider range of collection including menswear, womenswear, accessories and more. You would love the line of Ted Baker shoes, accessories, Ted Baker bags and a lot more to build a fashionable wardrobe.

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Ted Baker India is profoundly sought after for its fashion wear that is constantly cut to set capricious design patterns. Ted Baker has been the best decision for big celebrities or fashion influencers for their stylish looks at public events. The collection has picked up acknowledgment at a few design occasions as well. Ted Baker India is getting quite popular for their designer bags in the country. Ted Baker bags can be found online easily as they don’t believe in advertising, they choose the different and fun path to reach out to more prospective customers. Well, it is not only the Ted Baker bags that have gained popularity in India but there are others as well e.g. Ted Baker shoes and more.

Shoes by Ted Baker

Ted Baker shoes are the products tailored for the fashionable and cosmopolitan men & women. The entire collection exudes adventure attributes and is bold as well as sophisticated. You could call the branded footwear by Ted Baker India youthful which is made for modern people. Ted Baker India provides designer shoes at a very affordable price tag. The detailing and quality used are on par with other known high end fashion brands.

Bags by Ted Baker

The line of Ted Baker bags is a must for any woman & even men as investing in the designer bags by Ted Baker India is a great move because the bags are beautifully crafted with elegant & modern designs. Ted Baker Bags makes every day styling so effortless and leaves everyone awestruck with their classic style.

Accessories by Ted Baker

Accessories are the most important part of the styling. Clothes make you fashionable but accessories make you stylish. Every outfit is incomplete without accessories. Ted Baker accessories include fragrances, eyewear, ready to wear and watches made with the ultra-durable material.

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Ted Baker is energetically proceeding in its convention to dress the advanced and vanity cognizant men & women from all around. Ted Baker India manufactures its very own line of accessories like watches, caps, belts, aromas, cufflinks and more which you can purchase on darveys.com with just a few clicks.

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