Burberry in India – The Quintessential Luxurious Designs!

June 25, 2019

Burberry India is a brand which needs no introduction. It is world renowned for its class apart styling! Both, the Burberry clothing and Burberry bags are the two most classic lines offered by the brand that every fashion-conscious person should lay their hands at. If a classic has ever been defined, the collection by Burberry India would be the best example of it.

The London based luxury fashion house has been around for decades and it has been offering some of the most signature pieces to the wearers worldwide. It has been in the industry since 1981 and the collection is one of the most coveted. Burberry in India is known for producing the best quality, top of the line designs in everything they make.


So, let’s check out the fashionable offerings for both men and women offered by the label.

The Signature Burberry clothing

Just take a look at the Burberry clothing collection and you would know why it is so popular. The absolutely stylish range is known for its versatile designs and elegant appeal. From the bestselling polo shirts to the iconic Burberry trench coat, there is so much to check out in this department. The quality is hands down the best you can get, and the luxurious selections cannot be resisted.


Burberry in India is worth the investment

When you invest in Burberry India, you should know that they’re going to last a lifetime with you. The Burberry products are made to be extremely durable and they don’t wear out so easily. The trends may keep changing but the staples will be with you forever as they are timeless.


There’s a lot more to Burberry clothing than just plaids

Oh yes. If you think that everything that Burberry designs – whether it is clothing, handbags or any accessories are in a classic plaid print, you’re wrong. The label adds the charm subtlety with a lot more prints than the checks in the colors blue, brown or red plaids in the Burberry shirts, designer bags, dresses, Burberry scarves and more.


Burberry bags are iconic

From the bamboo to the large check totes, every Burberry bag is designed to be iconic. The label intends to impart class and style to the wearers through its handbag collection. Wallets by the label are equally impressive and best selling among men as well women.


So flaunt the luxurious selections and be the standout in your social circle with Burberry India!