A Curated List of Best Wallet Brands for Men!

August 13, 2021

Wallets are a necessity to men that they carry every day which simultaneously adds to their looks, style, and personality. Everyone has a style and they go for a wallet that is synonymous with it.

While choosing a perfect wallet is never an easy task, it’s something that must be done with a lot of thought and perfection.


Things to keep in mind while looking for your pocket companion:

It’s essential to have a list of expectations that you have from your wallet to be able to pick the perfect one. Here is a checklist for you to refer to:

  1. Are you concerned about wear & tear?
  2. Do you have a preferred color?
  3. Are you inclined towards ample storage capacity?
  4. Are you more focused on just sorting your cards?
  5. Is style statement your first priority?
  6. How many compartments are you looking for?

These are some elemental points you need to take note of before picking your wallet.

The exclusive list:

We have an elaborate list of some of the best wallet brands for men that you need to check out right away!


Bikkembergs offers a classic set of wallets with amazing quality and perfect storage capacity. These wallets are an efficient choice that doesn’t need much thought put in before striking a deal.

This Bikkembergs black inside print wallet is one of the many amazing choices you have to pick your favorite one.

Bikkembergs black inside print wallet

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein wallets are one of the top wallet brands for men with elegance, simplicity, and stylish finesse in every piece. With modern designs and a wide variety to choose from, Calvin Klein wallets are quite popular among men who look for practical and lasting fashion.

This brown blanket stitched wallet by Calvin Klein is exactly the style we’re talking about.


Timeless wallets are a thing and a well sought-after feature in a great wallet. Like other best wallet brands for men, Coach offers iconic wallets that might be relevant very much in fashion decades from now.

With many options of styles, patterns, and colors, Coach brings to you a tempting batch of wallets that are all equally irresistible. This dark brown compact wallet is just one of those great wallets for you to pick from.

Dark brown compact wallet

Original Penguin

Great wallets ask for a seamless making, premium materials, and technique that preserves their structure over time. Original penguin wallets offer you a class of such fashionable wallets with the perfection of style and texture.

With a minimalistic approach and practical storage and size, Original Penguin wallets are spot on. This brown Michigan skin bifold wallet is a great pick from the many offered by the brand.

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is the icon of luxury and a perfect range of choices for someone who seeks that indulgence. The precise craftsmanship involved in the making of their products features the rationale of their brand that is fine details.

Find some striking designs that will instantly woo you along with this black studs wallet by Dolce & Gabbana.

Black studs wallet by Dolce & Gabbana


Bally is widely recognized for its functional approach to fashion and luxury. For those who look for this essence in their wallets, the Bally collection is exactly what you need to browse through. The innovation involved in the making of their products puts out a great collection for you to pick your preferences from.

Look at this Bally black logo wallet as an example of minimalistic and elegant perfection.

Tom Ford

The excellence offered by every range of products by Tom Ford is known to the world. Their catalog is exceptional, especially when it comes to the assortment of wallets for men. They focus on the quality of their products as well as the finesse involved in their making. With excellent craftsmanship, they serve all sorts of designs and textures with appeasing characteristics.

This light grey-grained bifold wallet from Tom Ford is the ultimate choice from their selection of fabulous wallets owing to its texture, neat making, and perfect capacity.

Light grey-grained bifold wallet from Tom Ford

Valentino Garavani

Wallets are something that serves an everyday purpose and also something that nobody wants to replace very often. While the basic requirement from the best wallet brands for men is its durability and style that will be consistent for a long course, Valentino Garavani serves you with an excellent selection of such masterpieces. Crafted in the best of materials with the right amount of glamour on top, you can find some of the most pleasing options for your next wallet.

This Valentino Garavani black front logo wallet is an eye-pleaser with a long-lasting potential.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo, among other top wallet brands for men, is known for their classic styles molded-in exquisite materials and every piece of fashion from their collections represents exactly that. Among their wide range of fashion items, their wallets are particularly popular all over the world owing to their unique yet subtle designs with top-notch durability.

This black gancini wallet by Salvatore Ferragamo is the illustration of perfection offered by the brand, exactly what you seek in a remarkable desig­­­ner wallet.

Black gancini wallet by Salvatore Ferragamo

While this was only the first layer of options, there is a lot more for you to see through and pick the wallet of your dreams.