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Like Being Gifted With Surprises?

Our Wishlist concept is a wonderful way to silently express your unsaid feelings by gifting your loved ones what they like and it's just a click away!

All our valued members have their own distinctive wishlist featuring products, which they like and either wish or intend to purchase in the near future. You could be the one for your beloved, fulfilling that veiled wish and enriching your beautiful bond.

You simply have to search for a friend's wishlist with his/her full name, birth-date, and month and be privileged to secretly view the products they have liked. You can create a special moment for your loved ones with a favorite gift at an unexpected time. Now, Spread Smiles by giving the Gift of Joy with Darveys!

How to Use the Wishlist Feature?

  • In order to create one of your own or access a friend's wishlist, it is prerequisite to be a member at
  • Once you have paid the membership fee of 1,000 and joined Darveys as a member, you will have your own distinctive wishlist with your account.
  • You can add as many products as you like to your wishlist; there is no limit.
  • If you see a particular product you like, simply click on the heart-shaped button on the product page and it will instantly get added to your wishlist.
  • You have the option to keep your wishlist for either public or private viewing; while public, it shall be visible to everyone and can be searched by others but when private, it is only visible to you.
  • It is quite simple to search for a friend's wish list by entering his/her full name, birth-date, and month and you have the privilege to secretly view their list of selected products.
  • Once you view a friend's wishlist, you are free to choose any of the featured products and purchase as a special gift for them.
  • If anyone chooses to keep the wishlist private, you shall not be able to search for them on the website. One may add the products they like to keep them only for buying on their own, sometime in future.
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