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: Fusion of Innovation, Creativity & Tradition"
Furla Collection

Furla in India

For a brand built on old-school leather craftsmanship, Furla has definitely carved out its own space in the edgy statement bag sphere. If you have ever wanted a designer bag with the capability to say everything about your style, it has to be Furla handbags. Well, Furla is not only about designer handbags, but it also has a wide collection of accessories that would be perfect for both him and her. Furla is not a recent entrant in the fashion industry, it has been there for a very long time. The history of Furla begins in Italy in 1927 in the erudite and sophisticated city of Bologna. The label was visioned and established by Furlanetto family back then. The high-end label putting across a luxury appeal in everything that it offers, the inspiration has definitely supposed to be Italian. The Italian brand incarnates the hottest selling handbags collection. That’s not it because the Furla shoes are equally iconic and hot when it comes to picking something that stands out.
The brand’s founder Aldo Furlanetto, who began the company as an elegant wholesale business in 1927, wouldn’t have thought that the label would come this far being so popular across the globe and become a go-to option for cool kids nine decades later, but under current creative director Fabio Fusi, that’s exactly where it’s landed. A few of the many celebrities that have been spotted wearing Furla bags include Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo, Miranda Kerr, Solange Knowles, Margaret Zhang, and Chiara Ferragni. Then throw in the fashion week jet-set and Coachella crowd and you’ll understand the label’s new scope as it celebrates its 90th-anniversary last year.
Furla in India features craftsmanship that has evolved and continues to do so with time and with every collection that it puts forward for the fashion-conscious people. What more can you expect from the Furla handbags is that they achieve perfection and guarantee the highest quality of designer bags, but its minimalist and subtle style remain constant in everything that comes at Furla in India online store.
The Chief Executive of the label, Alberto Camerlengo is the man responsible for bringing new strategies and designs to the market. The credit for the stunning designs and the clean cuts also goes to the skilled artisans who work with all their hearts and passion to bring forth outstanding creativity. To keep up with the latest trends, it pioneered Furla Art Award in 2000 and The Furla Foundation in 2008. The foundation advocates development and creative channels to support Italy’s cultural initiatives as well as young and aspiring artists.

Furla Bags

There are plenty of fashion enthusiasts around the world that greatly admire the latest trends set by the fashion industry that originates from Italy. Additionally, there are plenty of designers and style creators around the world that constantly improve themselves to augment their creations. Furla in India definitely stands out. One of the greatest admired and desired accessories in the fashion industry today are designer bags that are creatively manufactured by Furla bags in the industry.
The line of Furla handbags was created since the label came into existence but the first collection of Furla bags with logo came in the 1970s when the legacy (the brand) was passed on to the kids of founders. The entire line of designer bags by Furla in India is a clear indication of versatility and contemporary styles. That’s not it because the Furla bags are a lot more than only looks as they are exceptionally sturdy, functional and timeless! The bags endure Italian heritage and craftsmanship at its best. Furla handbags are some of the finest and preferred bags in the market in today’s time. If you are defining the collection, you can do that very well naming it to be fashion-forward, classy and timeless. When you invest in the Furla bags, you are particularly signing up for a prepped look with the funk added to your personality. Because life is boring if you don’t add life to it.

Furla in India understands the meaning of having luxury bags for a pleasing personality. The label brings forth a collection that is recommended for its intelligence, pleasing looks and finish that has been the talk of town across the globe. You can have what your heart desires as you’d be able to have from the collection that is both roomy and small in terms of space, lightweight when you pick them up and go around flaunting them and much more. For the ultimate pochette fans, Furla presents the timeless range of its ultra modern & chic Candy Collection, to explore in hot shades and head-turning styles. The most uniquely designed Furla Candy cool handbags were debuted in 2011. The iconic candy bags are the sweetest accessory one can flaunt. These handbags are crafted in glossy fabrics, printed patterns, color block styles with padlock Furla logo. These handbags are a perfect amalgamation of colors, innovation & avant-garde techniques. Apart from Candy Bags, Furla also serves its fan following with colorful cross body’s, glitter clutches, metallic mini bags, petite wallets in multiple color variants, stylish bucket bags, totes, hobos, colorful satchels & much more to splurge on! That’s not it, Candy collection might just be one out of the many collections worth splurging on, but there are others which should not go out of your sight. They all are meant for women who take time to make the perfect entry on any occasion. The Furla bag collections include:

Furla Footwear

The line of branded footwear by Furla in India has a stylish collection of zipper sneakers with metal detailing in glossy & matte fabric, heels that you would be delighted to sport if you are in love with extraordinary designs, and printed ballet flats to tread in style with! If you are wanting branded footwear that strikes and attracts at the same time, Furla footwear is what you need to take a look at and invest in.

Furla Accessories

Furla Accessories is all about fashion essentials that you can look up to for making your personality go complete and pleasing at the same time. With a charming line of fashionable jewelry, you would also find metal detailing and adornments are perfect to fit your everyday lifestyle. The Gemini bangle with up beating hues- the must-have accessory for every season. Another style available is Metropolis bangle with branding embossed on it, this is an ideal accessory to enhance your bold outfits and go effortlessly noticed. Sunglasses too fit perfectly under Furla’s accessories; these are available in round frames, aviators, the rectangle with printed arms and accentuates frames.

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