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Versace Belts


Versace Black Metallic Medusa Buckle Belt


Black Metallic Medusa Buckle Belt

Regular Price: 53,000

Special Price 42,950

Best Selling
Versace Black Gold Medusa Buckle Belt


Black Gold Medusa Buckle Belt

Regular Price: 53,000

Special Price 44,950

Best Selling
Versace Black Embellished Buckle Belt


Black Embellished Buckle Belt

Regular Price: 84,000

Special Price 56,950

(33% OFF)

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Versace Belts Online India

Have you ever had an experience of Versace? It is a label that was brought into existence by Gianni Versace in 1978. You would know the label by the Medusa logo of the brand. Well, Versace is a world famous Italian luxury brand. It designs, assembles, and retails lifestyle products for both men and women. Dealing with products including haute couture, ready to wear, accessories, jewelry, watches, eyewear, fragrances, and home furnishings. Versace belts also a significant range of accessories by the label that is available for both women and men. 
The brand logo that you’ll find on the entire collections put forward by the label bears Medusa’s head. The significance behind choosing the respective logo as the face of the label is that Gianni loved the fact that Medusa made men fall in love with her and then there was no turning back from there. With the aim of doing the same with the brand, she chose to make it the official logo. 
Versace belts India have been made possible by Darveys and the customers are all praises for the brand to make an entry in the country at affordable prices. Darveys put forth a collection of Versace belts for men and women that make a stunning accessory for all kinds of occasions. Versace belts online India has made it even better for the fashionistas who constantly have the desire to own a luxury brand like Versace itself and look forward to picking a replica just because the expenses are beyond their reach. Hence, Versace belts price at the online store have been deducted and made to suit the personality as well as the pockets of the common people. 
From the time when Versace set up its first store till date, the first collection left a long-lasting and mesmerizing impact on the minds of the people. The brilliance of the designs brought a revolution in the fashion industry forever. The Versace belts for men and the designs that they have are way ahead of the time, and the use of outstanding and extreme colors, fabrics and patterns are the features that have made Versace belts online India a must-have. Since Gianni Versace passed away, the fashion house’s command was taken over by his sister Donatella Versace, which she continues heading up to this date. The designs of Versace belts for men are aesthetic and all about sex, glamour and is represented in each Versace belts online India.
Indeed, Versace belts are one of the label's strongest points. Versace belts are known for the highest craftsmanship that every man or woman needs to try at least once. The Versace belts India are known for its finest quality of construction and lovely designs. Versace has a gigantic variety of belts available, from Medusa belt, Reversible, metal studs, Beverly Palm Buckle, Palazzo belt with Medusa buckle, and so much more. In spite of its grand and haughty price, Versace belts price in India is very much in demand. Moreover, Darveys makes sure that Versace belts price in India is balanced to keep it easy on the pockets.
If you start comparing the label with the other brands, you’d see them compromising in style, performance, and shelf-life. But, that’ not the case with Versace belts. So why settle for less if you can enjoy both performance and style in a single product? With these absolutely mesmerizing and bold Versace belts for men, you can easily feel good and look good at the same time.
The collection of belts for men by Versace are no different from the other diffusion lines. Fashioned out of leather, every piece speaks about high status, authenticity, and durability. Being the right accessory for your outfit, the pieces in the catalog define your boldness and style quotient among the others.
When you walk through the inventory, you’d be able to see that the Versace belts for women are made with love and charm for sure. The glitter and glamour that the collection offers are what every woman needs to spread the enchantment around her and allure the spectators. Versace is known for its flashy and extravagant designs, with prices that soar really high. Being in the industry for more than 3 decades, the label and its Versace belts have been the dominating force when it comes to owning royal and alluring accessories. With so much experience and the consistent aim to lure by the charm, Versace is still changing and surprising us until now. Our expectations were shattered (in a good way) when, instead of seeing the usual flashy Versace, we see more discreet and sophisticated Versace. The colors, materials and overall design of this season were tamed so that it will not only be appropriate in the catwalk but in the real streets, worn by real women as well. Truly, a Versace belt is a perfect association of high fashion and functionality.
Darveys brings forth the luxe label for the fashion-conscious men at affordable prices. The luxury online store makes sure to let you have the authentic feel of Versace belts crafted out of different leathers and top it off with a variety of buckle-styles that make your personality and style appeal level up. Although these products are more stylish and more elegant than regular designer belts, they never compromise the three basic purposes of belts, namely, decoration, style, and support. With the options that are both suitable for your personality as well as your budget, is your new one-stop destination to bag in all the genuine luxury items offered by Versace belts India.