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2021 trend alert: Hot pink couture

June 25, 2021

When it comes to all the fashion 2021 trend alert , the love for the perkiest shade of pink has to be everlasting. The admirable fashion products in the impressive hot pink color are capable of filling you with everything you desire from confidence and power to joy and bliss. Spotted often on runways, this is officially the shade of the season and we are delighted to agree.

Adding this color to your wardrobe will make living fashionably effortless for you. Here’s a glimpse of all your options.


Women Handbags 2021 trend alert

Bags are the most irresistible accessories for women and the game-changer for every look. While this cute little bucket bag will amp up your basic outfit, this satchel is perfect for your evening airing with your girlfriends. However, this snapshot bag and this crossbody bag are versatile enough to compliment everything you wear.


Pink Heels

Imagine pairing up these fuchsia rhinestone heels with a beige cocktail dress, and these fur strap sneakers with your summer shorts. Exceptional, right? This extravagance is all this trend is about. These tape heels and velvet boots are ideal examples to show you what your wardrobe demands.

2021 trend alert Clothing Style

Marc Jacobs Jogger Pants

These glamour hot pink pieces of clothing speak for themselves. For every time you want to turn heads, count on them to be the power outfit that also lets you have fun. Look at this amazing jacket, this sheath dress, this party dress, and these joggers to know what we’re talking about.


Furla Watches 2021 trend alert

Isn’t the actual work of accessories to make up for what your outfit lacks, or to power up your look? Now that we’re trying to stay on top of our fashion game, these dazzling accessories like this hot pink watch, this Fuschia scarf, these pink sunglasses, and these Fuschia earrings will do the trick for you.

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2021 Fashion trend alert: All things Sparkle

2021 Fashion trend alert: All things sparkle

June 21, 2021

One of the fashion trends that will prevail through 2021 and beyond is the love for sparkles, glitter, shimmer, metallics, and any other element that shines bright, enough to add dazzle to our style in 2021 Fashion trend.

For more than a year now, we have barely stepped out of the house, and we couldn’t be more desperate to do so. Looking forward to the situation being in our favor, we have all made endless plans with our friends and family. From the looks of it, it’s going to be the end of zoom calls and the beginning of the never-ending party season.

So why not spend this time preparing for it?

Dresses and jumpsuits 

Nothing says party like a dress that shines brighter than the sun. Every girl’s wardrobe must have at least one of these dresses, that make her party-ready to have fun. Look at this gorgeous black ruffled one-shoulder gown and this metallic jumpsuit to know what we’re complimenting.


Shimmery women’s shoes are more glorious than they are unconventional, especially when it comes to uggs or sneakers. They are one of the newer entries in the glimmering world, however, they are just as popular as the rest of them. These short sequin boots, blue sequined heels, and the gold sequined espadrilles represent the versatility of the options you have when it comes to shoes that twinkle.

Dolce and Gabbana Shoes

Skirts and pants

Dressy skirts and pants were like a revolution, and their potential can’t be realized until you try them out. For everyone who does, it becomes a power outfit that can’t be resisted. Add shine to your basic tops with these sequined high-rise pants, black sequined pants, and this sequined pencil skirt.

Ralph Lauren Skirt

2021 Fashion trend Tops

Every girl must have at least one sparkly top for every time you need to be party-ready with minimal effort. Just pair it up with denim shorts, or wide trousers to rock the look. Glittery tops like this crew neck top, v-neck tank top, and this multicolored crop top can give you all the glow you need to make a dull day exciting.

2021 Fashion trend tops


Imagine switching your regular work tote with a silver shoulder bag, over your formal black dress for a party after work. There is nothing more effortless than letting a good bag do its work, and change looks for you. Women Bags like this sequined shoulder bag, this sparkly tote, and this silver clutch are some stunning options to make you stand out in the crowd.

Juicy Couture Bag


Nothing appreciates your looks as smoothly as accessories. You can count on them to add hints of luxury to your basic outfits. Be it a glorious watch or trendy earrings, it can work wonders with all the glamour.

Saint Laurent Sunglasses

Add a quick charm to your look with these yellow glittery sunglasses, grey sunglasses, these gold studs, and many more such accessories.

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Summer staples in Women’s clothing

June 15, 2021

For every woman who is looking for a wardrobe upgrade, it can be daunting to decide where to start. Well, this is where we step in to help you with everything you definitely need to revamp your wardrobe. With extreme summers ahead of us, it’s all going to be about light layers and soft colors. So, stay tuned to know about the Women’s clothing summer collection 2021.

Here’s a list of what you need to grab right away.

Women's clothing

White Shirt

White shirts are a must-have for every woman. There are countless ways to style a basic white shirt, for an informal party or formal work meetings. 

Pair this linen white shirt with brown trousers and a blazer for a work meeting or with a spaghetti top and denim shorts for a casual outing.


Nowadays, totes bags are more in style than ever before. The trendiest of all the spacious bags out there, totes give a completely different summer vibe and make carrying a water bottle and sunscreen easier without compromising on fashion.

Imagine this printed tote with a light maxi dress to add fun to a leisure vacation day.


Office wear dresses don’t have to be monotonous anymore. Shirt dresses with a combination of simplicity and style, have become an appropriate work outfit also fit for an after-work outing with friends. What more could we possibly want from a dress?

Mini Shirt dress

This mini shirt dress will help you fancy the look.

Midi skirt

Mini skirts are being replaced by their classier versions, midi skirts. With a wide range available in all sorts of fabrics, colors, and patterns, they are perfect for your compliments of fashion and grace.

Pair this velvet midi skirt with a sheer blouse to make a perfect combination for an evening outfit.

Maxi dress

No matter what the temperature is outside, nobody stops a chance to get dressed and step out to chill with their family and friends. But for such sunny days, maxi dresses come to your rescue and feel a breeze.

Women Maxi Dress

This tie-front maxi dress makes that point for us.

White pants

White is the perfect summer color to make you look and feel fresh as daisies. Especially when it comes to bottoms, white pants have always had a place in our hearts. 

Women White pants

Pair these beautiful ankle slit pairs of white pants with a graphic t-shirt for a chic look.

T-shirt dress in Women’s clothing

Casual, comfortable, modish, and every bit summertime perfect t-shirt dress are an ideal everyday outfit for every woman who wants to look effortlessly fashionable.

Women T-shirt dress

With many options of prints and colors, there is always the one you can find for your mood. Look at this trendy t-shirt dress with knot detail, perfect for effortless styling.

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