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Why is Ralph Lauren India meant for one and all?

August 1, 2020

Ralph Lauren might have completed its 50+ years in the luxury fashion industry but with time, the designs and the patterns have only gotten better as well as fashionable. Every year more celebrities turn towards the collections that the brand offers since the 1800s. Since the prominence began, the transformation hasn’t settled down even today. Indeed, even today, you simply hear Ralph Lauren Polos, and the primary thing that will ring a bell would be the timelessness and class. Today, Ralph Lauren shirts hold the title of the famous design and have become a closet basic for men in specific yet there are choices accessible for ladies also. Well, the collection of Ralph Lauren t-shirts are legendary and iconic for men across the globe.

While all the Ralph Lauren t-shirts that are available at Darveys might look alike, the basic difference is right there. There’s no one-fit-for-all standard here because Ralph Lauren India brings forth different fits that suit different body types.

You heard it right!!

Ralph Lauren India has branded shirts and designer t-shirts for men that are meant for different physique types. Take a look below to find out the various ‘fits’ available by the renowned fashion house.

Ralph Lauren classic fit

The very first in the category is the ‘Classic Fit’ that is considered to be the most comfortable one. This particular option has been there since the beginning when the brand started to design polo shirts. With a longer hem in the back, the respective option has longer sleeves which go up to the elbows. With a classic fit, you can simply tuck them in the pants or shorts that you’re pairing these with. These Ralph Lauren Polos are your go-to staple attire and you can wear for all intents and purposes anyplace you need to. Men with an athletic body structure are the ones who can have a full bit of leeway of these Ralph Lauren shirts.

Ralph Lauren Blue Classic Fit Striped Polo

Ralph Lauren slim fit

The next in the line is the ‘Slim Fit’ which, by the name, is understood is meant for men who are lean and sporty. Talking about the features of the respective style by Ralph Lauren India, you’d find a sleeker fit on the body shorter hem in the front as well as in the back, has a streamlined stitch and the sleeves are trimmed. Well, thanks to the slim fit, these are perfect options when you want to add layers to your without looking too bulky. Men with a thin body structure can brandish these Ralph Lauren Polos very well without making it look excessively odd. Besides, on the off chance that you are tall too, it is what tops off an already good thing.

Ralph Lauren White Custom Slim Fit Mesh Polo

Ralph Lauren custom fit

Last, but certainly not the least of the options, there comes ‘Custom Fit’. Looking somewhat like the slim fit Ralph Lauren t-shirts, these are lengthier than the slim fit options and also have longer hems on both the sides. Men with an average physique (which means neither too thin nor too bulky) are the ones that are apt for these Ralph Lauren t-shirts.

Ralph Lauren Red Black Custom Fit Big Pony Polo

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Burberry Shirts: The forever classic staples

July 16, 2020

Burberry is a name that every fashion lover knows about and that’s what defines a classy high-end fashion house. Burberry has been there in the fashion industry for so long that you would consider it a classic & the offerings by the label are absolutely the most stylish and trendy. Whether it is the iconic Burberry trench coats that have been used time and again on the red carpets or the Burberry shirts that are simply the most comfortable and go-to option, every collection is commendable.

Now, talking about what makes the line of Burberry shirts or even Burberry t-shirts so popular?

Burberry Green Shirt

Let’s just focus on the question and lay down the reasons in front of you.

Ever-classy appeal

A Burberry shirt is probably the most classic and trendy investment that you can make. Introduced with the other fashion apparel styles like suits, trousers and more, shirts by the label came into existence during the 1970s and 80s. Since then, the classic plaid shirt has been an integral part whereas; with time, other designs pooled in. Even when the other designers were copying the original designs, Burberry stood out. If you’re going to drop a substantial sum of money on an item of clothing, make it one that will always be in style.

Burberry Beige Shirt

Class-apart products

If you choose to buy a shirt worth 19000 from a store which is absolutely worth your money but still a lot of money that could have bought you a lot of things (smaller things). But, what if you spent about 4000 on a shirt from any other brand and it didn’t run long with you? What if the color faded? When you invest in Burberry, you don’t have to face such problems and be satisfied with the quality of the products. Moreover, when you invest in a Burberry shirt, you don’t have to worry that the trend would change, what will you wear in the next season, and so on. Even though a lot of years might sound like a long time that has passed, in the life of a Burberry, it really isn’t.

They’re versatile

Can I wear these Burberry shirts with Chinos or are they supposed to be worn only with formal pants? Would they look good with denim jeans? There are numerous questions that keep popping in one’s head when it comes to buying such an expensive clothing article. Well, you should cross-check a thousand times before you pick any. Another advantage of Burberry shirts would be its versatility. They can be worn with just about anything and everything. It has a polished look that’s capable of pulling together any outfit.

Black shirt

They’re durable

The entire line of shirts for men and women by Burberry India has ever since been made by the best and perfectly treated cotton. The fabric not only keeps you comfortable throughout the day and the different seasons, but it is also meant to make you look perfect. You really should take a look at the products that you need this summer Yes, the shirts are expensive, but if you divide its cost over the number of years you can wear them, you would understand the logic and the strength of the fabric.


May 7, 2020

With summers in full swing, it is time to upgrade your wardrobe with Burberry. With a quintessential and rich history in the fashion industry, Burberry has been providing both men and women the chicest, fashionable, and timeless pieces. The timelessly luxurious brand, Burberry India has products that one should must own to make their wardrobe enviable.

Because summer calls out for comfortable fabrics, pastel shades classy looks, and more. That is why here is a list of products by Burberry India that you should own this summer to make a fashionable mark.

Burberry Gorse Yellow Classic Fit Polo

When one talks about summers, yellow is one of the most admired colors that they could opt for. Full of sunshine, happiness, and zest, this Burberry polo t-shirt is a must-have for men for all the good reasons. The fabric pampers your skin, the fit enhances your outlook and the appeal is all about feeling handsome. Overall, this make a fashion statement every day for you. The solid t-shirt by Burberry India features the signature print placard that stands out.

Burberry Gorse Yellow Classic Fit Polo

Burberry Aqua Green Short Sleeve Exploded Shirt

Well, for all the shirt lovers, Burberry shirts are high style quotient that lasts. With a retro look, the comfort and style that Burberry shirts provide are beyond compare. If you take a look at the history of Burberry shirts, they were introduced back in the ’70s but have transformed in a way that is modern, chic, and fashionable even today. This short-sleeves exploded shirt is perfect summer wear for the comfort fit and short sleeves keep you feeling cool even in the hot weather. The color combination is subtle and suits all personalities.

Burberry Aqua Green Short Sleeve Exploded Shirt

Burberry Gold-Silver Two-Tone Watch

Why should boys have all the fun when Burberry has options in apparel and accessories for women too? This beautiful wrist timepiece for women is chic and fashionable at the same time. The design including the bracelet-styled strap with the glamorous two-tone dial looks exceptionally voguish. This Burberry watch can be worn with multiple outfits and will still enhance the appeal of the personality.

Burberry Gold-Silver Two-Tone Watch

Burberry Havana Square Sunglasses

What are summers without sunglasses? Well, Burberry India has a wide collection of sunglasses for every face-cut and personality. Out of those, this Havana sunglasses by Burberry look smart and high-toned. With a square-cut frame and dual-color detailing on the same, the appeal goes up a level with these. The UV protection provided is a must-have for your streamlined personality.

Burberry Havana Square Sunglasses

Burberry Black D Ring Clutch

The collection of Burberry bags has always been considered to be iconic and upbeat. However, the designs and the collections offered in Burberry bags are subtle, versatile, and spacious. Depending on your need, you could pick something that matches your outfit and occasion. This D Ring Clutch is a perfect companion for all kinds of outfits and occasions. The subtlety and sophisticated design make it a must-have this summer to parties and other occasions.

Burberry Black D Ring Clutch

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