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Prada India – Your first choice

March 12, 2021

Prada India is your first choice to look fashionable


For the admirers of stunning designs and best-in-the-market quality, Prada India is something one can find as their best bet. At the point when you’ll have products by the luxury brand, you’ll grasp the incentive unquestionably. In light of everything, Confessions of a Shopaholic movie revealed a ton about brands and their worth. When in doubt, one should express that it is a substitute tendency to have designer bags from Prada. While some of you would more likely than not relate to me extraordinarily, yet the people who aren’t aware of the best in the class imprint and the line of Prada bags, this blog gives you a heads up.

Prada Bags

Bringing down to the center, Prada India is incredibly conspicuous and phenomenal. Why? Take a look at them underneath. 

A mix of significant worth and style

Each item by Prada India is an extraordinary mix of significant worth, style, and class. Looking thoroughly surprising apparently, the assortment is expected to take care of its job inside. The rough and intense allure holds all that goes in some time; the outside is guaranteed. From being your beginning and end for the normal days, the products by Prada can take the show when you turn up with to a social event or any kind of gathering. 

Prada belts

The nature of the products

Prada bags can be pursued for their quality which is unparalleled. All things considered, that is for the Prada handbags as well as for different alternatives like Prada sunglasses online, Prada shoes online also. The products by Prada India are deliberately gathered and along the lines, sewed with an extraordinary string that makes them significantly stronger. You would find any impacted wrinkles or any such issues with the imprint.

Prada espadrilles

There’s something for every occasion

What occasions does a woman have in her life? Work, parties (different sorts), accommodating journeys and anything is possible from that point. There should be an item by Prada in India for every occasion. Thusly, It has all of the options that you need. From your wandering out the need to your social occasions and formal decisions, there’s something for every one of you.

Prada Flats

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The Prada India – The personality definer

Prada India: Your first choice to look fashionable

Prada Belts: Let Your Style Speak For You!


May 5, 2020

There are only a few things that a woman’s heart wants more than designer handbags. They are considered as a woman’s best friend and having just one bag is never enough for a woman because the more – the merrier. Prada bags have always been a favorite of fashionistas around the world for reasons like versatility in designs, chicness, durability, and so on and so forth. The assortment of luxury bags by Prada India is a one that suits your occasion and personality.


In 1913, Mario Prada, the founder of the luxury label, began his first boutique in Milan to craft and sell designer handbags, trunks, and suitcases. The items won incredible prevalence among the imperial family and high society. Subsequently, Prada earned its high notoriety and distinction. So, Mario was committed to design unique leather and waterproof handbags. The legacy was taken over by Mario’s granddaughter Miuccia Prada in 1978 and since then, she has been carrying forward the work of designing and taking the bags across the globe.


Prada India bags are a must have addition in every luxury lovers’ wardrobe. So let’s take a look at the different handbags available by Prada India.


The line of the briefcase bags by Prada is something that makes your professional look even more stylish. These Prada bags are the perfect options to carry your documents, laptop, or anything that is absolutely professional. The simple designs and classic colors make them apt for the formal dressing.





Looking for crossbody bags by Prada India? You can have different sizes in these Prada bags and designs depending on what you are looking for. The crossbody bag collection by Prada India is all about comfort and carrying what you need to wherever you want.




Shoulder bags are the perfect choice when you are heading to a special ocassion. Their glamour and charm take the look to new heights. Shoulder bags by Prada India will help you grab attention wherever you go. The stunning designs are extremely attractive and a must have.




The collection of satchels by Prada India is diverse and extensive. The collection is quite popular among women all around the world. The small-sized luxury bags can make a bold statement when you step out with them to parties or any other fancy occasions.




Not only meant for school kids or collegegoers, but the line of backpacks by Prada India are also meant for every workaholic people who like to carry their attitude no matter where they go. The quirky prints and patterns on these Prada bags are modern as well as eye-catching.




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Prada India: Your first choice to look fashionable


How to choose the best Prada bags?

Prada India – The Forever Classic

April 23, 2020

A brand is defined by the collection of products it offers and Prada is a name that is immensely popular for what it offers. When it comes to defining a brand, there are so many things that one needs to take a look at. All the way from the collection of products that Prada India has to offer to the different designs and the craftsmanship that goes into the designing of the products. Talking specifically about Prada in India, it certainly comes as a pleasure to have such an impeccable name among the Indian population that provides a fashionable appeal to the people of the country.


Prada India - The personality definer


Prada in India has always been a dream for the fashion-conscious beings because of the innumerable options and collections that the label offers. Its designs and class are unmatched, making it one of the most covetable luxury brands. However, at the end of the day, there are certain things that closely define the Prada in India and that’s exactly this blog talks about.


PRADA Blue Textured Leather Belt

The appeal of Prada India

Prada is a renowned Italian fashion house that has been existing since 1913. With the passage of time, the appeal of the Prada products became bolder, better and more exquisite. The same legacy has been carried on to Prada India as well. The name of the label and the luxurious appeal offered by the brand are the two aspects that can define your personality and add instant attention to it.


Prada sneakers

Impeccable collection of fabrics

From the array of Prada bags to the line of ready-to-wear and the other accessories, it is the fabrics that define the range of Prada India. The collection of materials embody genuine leather in the Prada bags and high-quality cotton and other materials in the ready-to-wear collections. So, when it comes to quality and fabrics, you can expect only the best from the brand.


PRADA Black Diagrame Small Shoulder Bag

There’s something for every personality

Prada in India is a huge name!! With such a gigantic collection, every personality has something to pick for themselves. For example, there are Prada bags that are exceptional for the regular days whereas there’s something that would your go-to options for occasions like parties, picnics/outings and more.


PRADA Black White Resort Slingback Heels

You can check out the entire collection of Prada India on darveys.com for the best deals and lowest prices across the country.

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Prada India – The personality definer