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July 20, 2018

Accessorizing your look is the easiest way of making it elegant and impressive. You can always rely on your accessories to make you stand out from the rest.
Jewelry plays a very important role in a woman’s wardrobe. Some special occasions require you dressing up and that’s when they come in to play their charm. The exquisite range of designer accessories on Darveys.com has a perfect option for every situation. Brands like Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, etc. can help to make our dressing up game easier and classier.
So, let’s check out some of the options by our favorite brands that your wardrobe needs right now!
STELLA MCCARTNEY: This multicolor neckpiece by Stella McCartney features so many subtle colors but still looks really vibrant. You can wear it with your casual dresses or over monochrome looks to let it shine.
Stella McCartney
MICHAEL KORS: A subtle ring is all that you need for everyday accessorizing. This Michael Kors gold barrel ring with chain detail is something you can wear everywhere and every day.
Michael Kors
KATE SPADE: Studded earrings have a lot of charm and sophisticated appeal, like this Kate Spade navy glitter square studs. Wear it along with your evening wear and you will get tons of compliments.
Kate Spade
TORY BURCH: For casual purposes, you can wear a bracelet for a signature style. Add this Tory Burch ivory enamel wide cuff for a smooth finish and you’ll be good to go!
Tory Burch


May 9, 2016

Time is money and watches help you to keep a check on it. It is an important staple of anyone’s wardrobe. Watches are not only for keeping up with time but now they have become an important accessory for many. Watches reflect your personality and mood. A classy watch can be worn on formal occasions and a bold, colored one for outings. Whatever the occasion, there is always a watch for it. No outfit can be truly complete without it.


One should definitely own a designer timepiece because it is crafted by skilled artisans keeping the standards of craftsmanship in mind. The precision, quality and hours they put to create them are evident in the finished pieces. And because these luxury watches are created in limited numbers, they have a good resale value in the market. So, they are a great investment for future purposes also. Need another reason? Well, they have a sense of style status and wealth attached to them so you can also flaunt them in your social circle.


Now, let’s take a look over the top designer brands in the market :


The brand founded by Italian designer Renzo Rosso has not just been successful in clothing but also in accessories domain. It offers large stylish options of luxury watches for both men and women. The oversized Diesel watches are quite popular among men these days.

Diesel Watches


When it comes to Gucci watches, the renowned brand offers impeccable and exquisite watches that look good on any wrist. The watches are among the best ones due to their finest designs and details. Not only they have an elegant appeal to them but are equipped with functional features as well.

Gucci Watches


With exemplary designs, MK watches are a style statement and are a must have. They come in a variety of models for both him and her. They are highly durable and trendy. The wonderful styles will lift up your outfit.

Michael Kors Watches


Perfect when you want to dress to impress. Supreme quality and classic designs are the features of Armani watches. The brand is synonym with sophistication and class. Whatever your taste is, Armani has a watch for you.

Armani Watches

Slide one of these watches onto your wrist and rule the time. Head on to darveys.com, to have a look at these designer brands and many more for a time – honored addition in your wardrobe.


April 29, 2016

After being long gone, pocket squares are back in fashion. It is a classic small accessory that can lift your outfit and complete your formal attire. The often overlooked pocket squares add a subtle touch and a visual depth to the look.


As the saying goes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. So, up your style game with it, whether you are going for a wedding, work or any other occasion. There is no rule that it has to match your tie or not, you can always experiment as how you want your look to be.


Now let’s take a look at how you can style and fold a pocket square:



Presidential or classic fold is the most classic one. It is usually worn on formal occasions but you can also wear it in some casual situations like for a dinner out with friends or a dinner date. This Hugo Boss pocket square is perfect to create the presidential fold.



Hugo Boss Pocket Square




Another popular fold is one point/one corner fold that can be worn in the office with a blazer. It is suitable for any pocket square and dress code. It resembles a diamond with a corner facing up and is common among business professionals. You can pick this Jack Spade pocket square with check pattern to create the one point fold.


Jack Spade Pocket Square



The easiest and the most stylish one of the lot is the puff fold. It can work for both formal and casual occasions. Although, it is simple, but it adds a lot of visual appeal to the suit. Take a look at this pocket square by Hugo Boss, perfect for the puff fold.


Hugo Boss



The fold with its pointed edges, looks like a crown and gives an attention grabbing look to your suit or blazer. It looks best with a solid colored pocket square and the result is eye catching, like this one by Original Penguin.


Original Penguin Pocket Square


There are numerous other ways in which you can style a pocket square and with each, you can add an elegant and refined touch to your formal or casual wears. So, rock one and be the man of talk!