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Level up your fashion quotient with Michael Kors India

June 9, 2020

With online shopping made easy with Darveys, you would have come across the all-famous fashion house Michael Kors India. There are so many designer products by the brand which you will love to own. If you have been on the store and browsed the products, then you’d know that the collection of Michael Kors India has been providing both men and women with some of the most quintessential products needed for a fashionable personality. In case you have never tried the products by Michael Kors India, you must know that the label is immensely popular and your ultimate destination for luxury. Known for its minimalist styles of designs, the fashion company worked its clothing within the styles of traditional sportswear. Coming down to Michael Kors India, the brand offers ready to wear and other lines that exude sophistication, accentuating and highlighting all the right things.

Michael Kors Tee

Michael Kors India products are not only known for their high fashion, but they are also known for their comfort and relaxed fit. In fact, whether it is Michael Kors bags, apparel, footwear, or Michael Kors watches, they’re all about the durability. Hence, fashionable personalities look out for the brand’s collections and it is getting popular day after day. In products by Michael Kors in India, you can see the high quality in every detail. Just take a look at the meticulous work that was put into every category like designer bags, branded shoes, and every other and how they’re made through the detailed design. The stitching, the designs, and the fabrics are perfect in every way.

Michael Kors Shoulder Bag

The same skilled craftsmen who handcraft the Michael Kors handbags also put the same craftsmanship into making the different categories to provide you a pleasing personality. With every product that Michael Kors in India provides, you will feel that same distinct comfort that allows you to feel good about yourself and stay relaxed throughout the day. On the other hand, another popular collection at Darveys is that of Michael Kors watches. The timeless appeal of the wristwatches is exhilarating and is the fashionable companions of your personality.

Michael Kors Coral Ava Small Satchel

In case you are looking for elegance and sophistication in your pair of designer shoes, you can always look up to Michael Kors footwear for the same. The accessory completes your personality in the best possible way.

Michael Kors Berry Lillie Ballet Flats

Whether you are dressing up to go out for the evening or you are just relaxing over a cup of coffee, you will enjoy the designs of Michael Kors India. Not to leave out the luxury designer apparel collection for both men and women by the brand, the designs are stylish while the appeal is subtle. You could just slip into the fabric and go on wherever you were planning to go. In simple words, the clothing options are effortless and chic. What else does one look for in their favorite brand after all?

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What makes Michael Kors India a cut above?

August 26, 2019

Do you know Michael Kors very well? You might just say – who doesn’t know one of the most popular fashion brand that stands out in the crowd. That’s correct because Michael Kors is one of the world’s most beloved names that makes you stand apart from the others, known for its designs that are both innovative and timeless. The fashion house has been there to captivate and accentuate your personality since 1981.


With a tremendous collection that talks about the cut above style statement, Michael Kors in India is your ultimate destination for chic luxury. The label offers ready to wear, small leather goods, accessories, footwear, jewelry, Michael Kors watches, eyewear, fragrances, and more for both men and women with a refreshing yet classic collection of Michael Kors handbags.





With a journey of so many years in the fashion industry, the brand continues to denote luxury and style across the globe. From 1981 till today, Michael Kors has created designs that wow us. Though some designs have been retired throughout the years, Michael Kors has no shortage of modern bags that we can’t wait to get our hands-on.

So, if you want to know what makes Michael Kors in India a cut above, this is the right place. This blog talks about the reasons for which Michael Kors in India should be on your list.


A rich history

There aren’t a lot of high-end fashion brands across the globe with a rich history. Michael Kors is one of them, the label goes a long way. Michael Kors, the founder of the fashionable brand started off being a sportswear brand and that’s where he realized that he should bring together other lines of outfits and accessories for the fashionable people out there. Since then, Michael Kors went ahead and climbed the ladder of success by acquiring Jimmy Choo and later Versace in the year 2018.





Extravagant in terms of worth

Do you sometimes feel that these luxury brands take a lot of money from you? You might just think that to take those beautiful Michael Kors watches home, you would have to pay a hefty amount. Well, its fine till the time what you’re getting is worth the money. However, no matter the quality and shine the products have, it will eventually fade away as you use it. Now, you would want to sell it again to get something in return for the same. It would give you immense pleasure to know that the resale value of the Michael Kors bags is good. The highest quality leather with the superior craftsmanship, you’d be able to flaunt your accessory for a very long time and still get something back when you sell it further. The same applies to the other lines of products by Michael Kors India.




A gamut of products – no matter what you like

Michael Kors India has a wide and varied collection which allows a whole lot of different personalities to invest in something that they like. You just need to pick one according to the need and outfit. With a wide variety in terms of sizes, colors, and styles, everyone has something for themselves in the catalog.


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