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Ralph Lauren in India Online: Get ready for both work and party

November 30, 2018

Ralph Lauren is one of the most prestigious fashion houses in the world in today’s time. Ralph Lauren in India is available online to make your personality look pleasing. Ralph Lauren’s entry to the fashion world happened during the release of his Beau Brummel neckwear in 1967. During that period, it was a norm that people loved to wear narrow dark ties; but Ralph Lauren introduced a collection of colorful neckwear.


Opulent, colorful, and trendy ties were then produced to choose from, for every interested businessman. Well, that was just the beginning from where Ralph Lauren picked up and then there was no stopping.


Recently, Ralph Lauren celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Central Park, New York. It was back in the year 1967 when the first collection of Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts was introduced. The designs and styles by Ralph Lauren offered in this line of product boasts a refined appeal, yet feature the virtues of traditional American and English classics. Over the years, Ralph Lauren has been known in the fashion industry for its collection of polos and t-shirts.


Ralph Lauren finally expanded its wings throughout the world with numerous megastores built around the globe and in India with products that are both pleasing and luxurious at the same time. Now, with consumers falling for the designs and offerings by the label, Ralph Lauren in India online has become a necessity. With a gigantic variety of luxury products, Ralph Lauren in India online store has everything that you look forward to have a personality that is pleasing and so effortless at the same time. Expect Ralph Lauren to answer your needs, whatever it may be.


So, if you are looking for Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts or footwear or even designer bags for both him and her, Ralph Lauren in India online store doesn’t let you fall back. This blog talks about how the online store lets you dress yourself the best no matter what the occasion is.


The versatility of the Ralph Lauren in India online products

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts | Darveys

Ralph Lauren in India has a classic collection of polo t-shirts that are the answer to all your fashion prayers. Well, that’s not all because Ralph Lauren in India online has a wide inventory with products that are all about a fashionable personality. You can buy the Ralph Lauren polo t-shirts or other items like designer bags or branded shoes and more.


Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirts | Darveys


The options offered at the online store of Ralph Lauren in India are a pleasing sight.


Have you seen how colorful and radiant the offerings are, available online?


No matter what the product by the label is, the fashionable appeal of it, available at Ralph Lauren in India online store is absolutely stunning. No matter where you are office or at a party, the collection would certainly please the eye of the spectators.

  Ralph Lauren Sneakers | Darveys You can dress as you want to for any occasion that you like to with the help of Ralph Lauren in India online store.

New York Fashion Week 2018: All that you need to know

September 12, 2018

Oh, New York City. Eight hundred kilometers full of hurried New Yorkers zigzagging through crowds of wide-eyed tourists, omnipresent traffic sounds and seemingly limitless sky-scrapers. With millions of commoners, the city is invaded with stunning models, high-end designers bringing forth their newest collections for the biggest show in the fashion calendar. Yes, what we’re talking about is that it’s time for New York Fashion Week Spring 2019.


So, you want to know what has happened at the New York Fashion Week till now? Let’s just start by seeing who grabbed the front row and go to the different brands that showcased their collections.

The Front row

The Front Row

Of course, there were the usual attendees like Anna Wintour to grace the occasion, but there were more celebrities to be in the front row. Some of them include Priyanka Chopra, Katie Holmes, Cardi B, Sophia Hutchins, Caitlyn Jenner, Coco Rocha, Elizabeth Olsen, Suki Waterhouse, Gillian Jacobs, Julia Jones, Bebe Rexha, Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Tiffany Trump, Blake Lively, Kanye West and so many others were right their supporting their favorite brands like Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, John Elliot, Tom Ford, Long Champ and many others.

The shows that were full of finesse

Tom Ford

Tom Ford

There were skirt-suits cinched with corsets, deconstructed Le Smokings, men’s jackets on women cut in silk satin, lace slips peeking from the hem of ruched skirts to the knee, and 1970s-by-way-of-the-’90s caped jersey gowns. All of this came in black, white, skin-tone hues, and palest lilac. The collection’s relative quietude—if you can call gleaming fake crocodile and yards of silk fringe quiet—was a direct riposte to his outing for Spring, which was glitzy in the extreme.



The long-awaited Rodarte show was something that many would have not expected as the models walked the New York City Marble Cemetery. It was more like the resurrection of the brand after two long years from the New York Fashion Week. Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy with their ruffled leather garments that included “sui generis” — girly, yes, but quite muscular — and the striped crochet frocks and ones with fluttering stripes of silk had a similar quality, feminine in all their elements but graphics on impact. The collection of the high-end label made a strong statement with the use of bold colors and silhouettes.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch

Well well, if you would have been there for Tory Burch’s collection at the New York Fashion Week Spring 2019, you would know that the entire show was inspired by her parents – Buddy and Reva’s love for one another. Showcasing the show at Cooper Hewitt Museum, Burch again celebrated the casual style of her mother, and father Buddy, too, that has impressed her while growing up. Her collection embodied tailored shirtdresses, safari shirt-and-trouser combos, trench coats; languid tent dresses; sporty knits. Tunics and caftans came in myriad versions including linen gauze, cotton jacquards and poplins, the latter inset with lace and brightly colored strips.


Well, this might just be few of the brands that we’ve mentioned, but that’s not it! The New York Fashion Week hasn’t come to an end and we’ll be bringing more for you from the ramp. So, stay tuned.

How to choose the best Prada bags?

August 31, 2018

Nine times out of ten, getting Prada bags is going to be a good fashion investment. Today, the brand offers a vast majority of bags that look gorgeous, are versatile and trendy additions to your wardrobe. The Prada bags are the accessories that are the best friends of every woman because after all, it is all about the style and fashion appeal that the brand makes sure.

Prada Bags

If you are looking forward to picking up Prada bags, you should know what to look out for. This blog talks about the steps that would help you pick the best Prada bags for yourself.

1. Choose the right online store for shopping Prada bags

Prada Bags

Online shopping for Prada bags is exactly what you would want to do because Prada handbags are not easily available in India. Hence, choose a perfect online store that brings forth the latest or best Prada bags and other products by the brand. Darveys would be an option for you pick authentic and original Prada bags.

2. Think of the Prada bag styles that you want to have

Prada Bags

You can pick from numerous styles offered in Prada bags and have one or more for yourself. Whether you like to have shoulder bags, totes, or any other Prada bags, you just have to choose the one that appeals to you the most for your personality.

3. Look for the details in the Prada bags

Prada Bags

Detailing on the Prada bags are the things that you should be lookout for, from zippers, tassels, stitching, to other detailing on the handbags. So that you can be sure that you are not picking up the fake or replica Prada bags instead of the authentic ones.

4. Check out the color of the Prada bags that you want

You should have the color checked before you end up picking the wrong colored Prada bags. There’s one for all you have been thinking of. There are red, black, brown, rust, pink, yellow, mustard and so many others. You can choose the Prada bags that you would want to go with your outfits.


Think about the Prada bags that you need and you’d be able to pick the bags that suit your personality the best.