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Gucci watches: A trend that is never going out of style

August 20, 2018

Time is money and with the collection of watches, you would be able to keep track of it. Well, now, the designer watches are not merely for time tracking, but for so many other things including improving your personality. The Gucci watches are the perfect accessory with the rare substances and their out-of-the-box craftsmanship that make them extra special. The collection of Gucci watches at Darveys is a thing from being chic and elegant to edgy and off the beaten path.

Gucci Watches

So, before you invest in the Gucci watches, you should know what makes the designer watches such a specialty for the wearers. The Gucci watches for men are just the accessory that you would want to have for yourself.

1. Impeccable designs of the Gucci watches

Gucci Watch

Every Gucci watch is designed with absolute care and precision for it is the design that matters most when it comes to having one in the first place. If you compare the Gucci watches with the other labels like Calvin Klein, Burberry watches, DKNY watches or any other, you’d notice that every Gucci watch has an impeccable design that stands out. With so many options with bold designs in the cases, funky straps, pop colors and so much more, you wouldn’t want to say no to the Gucci watches.

2. The Gucci watches are the bestseller collection

Gucci Watch

It is not only the Gucci watches that the label features and is popular for including Gucci sneakers, Gucci bags and more. Well, the line of Gucci watches is what calls for a celebration every time a new collection is out. Thanks to the leadership of Alessandro Michele who has taken the brand to a whole new level. With the variety of prints and designs that the Gucci watches portray, there are so many other features which make the collections such a trend.

3. The Gucci watches are meant for one and all

Gucci Watches

Do you like the Horsebit collection of Gucci watches or you’re the kind of a person who likes the Le Marché des Merveilles collection? Both being completely different collections, you can choose the Gucci watches that are meant for you. From the classic chain straps that can be worn by the most subtle of personalities, you can even find a Gucci watch that has the uncommonest of designs and visually grabbing appeal in them.

The Gucci watches are simply the most stunning pieces that every man or woman would like to have in terms of their accessories collection. Just pick the authentic Gucci watch from Darveys and you can plan your outfit around it.



July 6, 2018

Luxury watches have always been considered a timeless investment. They are much more than just an accessory, but they reflect the wearer’s personality.
Their craftsmanship and excellence are something which cannot be found anywhere else. If you have purchased one, you would know that they become a lifetime companion of yours. They make your look ten times better by adding a touch of charm and panache to it.
If you are looking for stylish and luxurious watches, then we have listed down few of our favorite brands that you absolutely can’t miss.
So, let’s check them out!
DKNY: The American brand is recognized for its chic and stylish range of products. And the timepieces range is no different. This DKNY rose gold watch is such a versatile piece! You can wear it to work or with casual outfits, it will look amazing at every situation.
GUCCI: This brand needs no introduction. Gucci is known for its luxurious essentials which are one of the best available. This Gucci G timeless watch is one of the most popular and signature style of the brand. Its craftsmanship & appeal distinguishes it from the rest.
JUICY COUTURE: If you are looking for chic and statement-making options, you can go for this label. There are tons of options available for women like this Juicy Couture golden luxe watch.
Juicy Couture
CALVIN KLEIN: Sleek watches look great on thin wrists. If you like such styles, then this Calvin Klein sensitive watch would be perfect for you.
Calvin Klein


September 9, 2017

It is a no hidden fact what wonder a timepiece can do in your outfit. They add a hint of panache in your look and take it to new heights.
Every luxury lover knows their importance. If you are looking for a timepiece, you should invest in a luxury watch as they offer marvelous craftsmanship. The high end watches offer timeless and elegant styles therefore they are a lifelong investment. Skilled artisans are employed to make these charmers and very high quality is maintained to ensure you can rely on them always!
So, let’s check out the top luxury watch brands that you must own!
CALVIN KLEIN: If you are looking for something which is classy and contemporary both, then this Calvin Klein silver city watch is what you should get. Crafted in stainless steel featuring, sunburst effect, silver tone hands luminescent, double folding clasp with push button and pull & push crown.
Calvin Klein
DKNY: Practical styles with a hint of elegance is what DKNY watches collection is all about. Like this Stanhope watch is so simple and suitable for every occasion. Its color is what attracts us the most.
GUCCI: A brand on the wish list of every fashionista, it is one of the most iconic labels that you can procure. The Gucci horsebit watches are the popular styles and this particular style has become synonym with the brand.
JUICY COUTURE: If you want something trendy with embellishments, then Juicy Couture collection is perfect for you. With options featuring crystals and other embellishments, they are just too pretty to look at.
Juicy Couture