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June 25, 2020

Shopping luxury brands is a satisfying experience and a great way to treat yourself with opulent styles. But pronouncing the names of some brands can be tricky sometimes.
At some point or other, we all have gone through the situation of mispronouncing the name of the some of most common luxury labels. But to save yourself from the embarrassment and to avoid such situation, it is a great ideal to brush up your pronunciation game. We have picked few of the trickiest names of designer labels which you might be pronouncing incorrectly. So, let’s have a look at few of the iconic fashion houses and the correct way to say them.
GIVENCHY: The French luxury fashion house is world famous for its elegant couture designs. The brand was founded in the year 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and the correct way to say the name is Zhee-vawn-shee.

ISSEY MIYAKE: Issey Miyake is Japanese fashion house and is known for its technology inspired collection. The correct way to pronounce the brand name is EE-say Mee-Ah-Keh.

BALMAIN: Balmain, the French luxury label, was founded in 1945 and is known for its sense of elegant with a touch of street style. The correct way to say its name is Bal-Mah.

BULGARI: The world famous designer Bulgari is a leading name in luxury industry. It is known for its accessories & fragrance and you should pronounce it as BOOL-gah-ree.

LOEWE: Loewe is a Spanish luxury house specialising in leather goods and accessories. It was founded in 1846 and the right way to say it is Loh-Way-vay.

YVES SAINT LAURENT: One of the most iconic French fashion houses, YSL is a favourite of elites and celebrities. The correct way to pronounce it is Eve-Sahn-Loh-rahn.



May 28, 2020

If you are looking for some inspiration for your summer looks this year, you cannot miss out on the tie dye trend.


The tie dye trend is perfect to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. It looks stylish, edgy and so refreshing. This style can make your casual dressing so much fun. It has made a comeback in the fashion world and we are loving it. Right from t-shirts to tops to kids clothing, you can incorporate this trend in your wardrobe with your favorite luxury brands.


So, let us check out a few options which we are crushing over right now.


RALPH LAUREN KIDS: This Ralph Lauren tie dye t-shirt for girls would be the perfect summer style staple. The burst of colors along with the brand’s logo can help you create the ideal summer look.



CALVIN KLEIN: Looking for a subtle everyday option, you can go for this Calvin Klein ruched top which has minimal colors yet the tie dye effect. You can pair it with contrasting bottoms for the IT look.



TRUE RELIGION: The brand has great options for men like this True Religion blue buddha tank which you can wear to beach or a pool party. Keep it cool by pairing with shorts or chinos.



Bags by Furla in India – The exotic fantasy that every woman must have

December 17, 2018

Do you have a fetish for designer handbags? Well, if you do have this fetish, you’re not alone. In fact, if you have been missing that pep in your personality, you certainly are missing Furla bags in your closet. But before you start picking your favorite Furla bags, you should know the story of the brand.


It’s been more than a century now since Aldo and Margherita Furlanetto founded Furla in the sophisticated and sunny city of Bologna. It was back in the year 1927 with some spellbinding Italian Furla bags that women would just obsess about. With the first store being opened in Bologna in 1955, the label went ahead expanding throughout the globe with its fancy collection of designer bags. More than 100 years of craftsmanship and artisanal expertise, well, that sounds like the right place you want to buy your bag from. During the years of its existence, the label coined its name in the fashion world for the authentically fabulous leather goods that they manufactured.


The range of bags by Furla in India is huge and versatile. And there are few Furla bags that are absolutely the ones that you cannot ignore or look past. Mentioned below are some of the exotic and the majorly popular Furla bags that Furla in India offers.


The Metropolis collection by Furla in India

Furla Maroon Metropolis Mini Crossbody

Talking of a classic designer bag by Furla in India that oozes out modish detailing, you cannot get past the Metropolis collection by Furla in India. The label adds a combination of charm and elegance with the functionality that keeps it going. You would be able to invest in different styles and sizes depending on your need from the collection at Darveys.


The Candy collection by Furla in India

FURLA Green Candy Small Crossbody | Darveys

We are a huge fan of the Candy collection by Furla in India. The label brings the most colorful and dazzling collection when you think of the Candy line in Furla bags. You can savor solids, embellished, designer embroidered, detailed and so many other styles with a mirror-like texture throughout the bags by Furla in India. The strong style contrast perfectly draws the Furla Candy Bags with the joyous feeling of zeal and riotous profusion. Their bags’ bodies are exquisitely crafted from the PVC stuff which is with the soft texture and tenacious materials.


The Boheme collection by Furla in India

Furla Royal Blue Boheme Small Crossbody | Darveys

The subtler version of the Candy line by Furla in India, the Boheme collection is a solid colored line meant for women who like to invest in colors without having too much of the details on the same. The small-sized designer bags by Furla in India are made with leather that lasts longer than you think providing the charm that you need when you’re out with your friends.


The Allegra collection by Furla in India

Furla Royal Blue Boheme Small Crossbody | Darveys

The Allegra collection by Furla in India is classy to say the least. Talking about them, the Allegra wristlets are the most adorable companions to have for shorter rides that you have around the block. On the other hand, the Allegra satchels are huge when it comes to carrying your things and look smart for any type of personality.


The Stacy collection by Furla in India

Furla Dark Pink Stacy Small Bucket Bag | Darveys

The Stacy collection by Furla in India is a fashionable and functional line of satchels. The high-on demand bags, as always feature unique and intriguing colors in which the detailing looks absolutely stunning. You can depend on these designer bags for carrying a lot of things with you.


So, which designer bag by Furla in India would you prefer?