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Why is Ralph Lauren India meant for one and all?

August 1, 2020

Ralph Lauren might have completed its 50+ years in the luxury fashion industry but with time, the designs and the patterns have only gotten better as well as fashionable. Every year more celebrities turn towards the collections that the brand offers since the 1800s. Since the prominence began, the transformation hasn’t settled down even today. Indeed, even today, you simply hear Ralph Lauren Polos, and the primary thing that will ring a bell would be the timelessness and class. Today, Ralph Lauren shirts hold the title of the famous design and have become a closet basic for men in specific yet there are choices accessible for ladies also. Well, the collection of Ralph Lauren t-shirts are legendary and iconic for men across the globe.

While all the Ralph Lauren t-shirts that are available at Darveys might look alike, the basic difference is right there. There’s no one-fit-for-all standard here because Ralph Lauren India brings forth different fits that suit different body types.

You heard it right!!

Ralph Lauren India has branded shirts and designer t-shirts for men that are meant for different physique types. Take a look below to find out the various ‘fits’ available by the renowned fashion house.

Ralph Lauren classic fit

The very first in the category is the ‘Classic Fit’ that is considered to be the most comfortable one. This particular option has been there since the beginning when the brand started to design polo shirts. With a longer hem in the back, the respective option has longer sleeves which go up to the elbows. With a classic fit, you can simply tuck them in the pants or shorts that you’re pairing these with. These Ralph Lauren Polos are your go-to staple attire and you can wear for all intents and purposes anyplace you need to. Men with an athletic body structure are the ones who can have a full bit of leeway of these Ralph Lauren shirts.

Ralph Lauren Blue Classic Fit Striped Polo

Ralph Lauren slim fit

The next in the line is the ‘Slim Fit’ which, by the name, is understood is meant for men who are lean and sporty. Talking about the features of the respective style by Ralph Lauren India, you’d find a sleeker fit on the body shorter hem in the front as well as in the back, has a streamlined stitch and the sleeves are trimmed. Well, thanks to the slim fit, these are perfect options when you want to add layers to your without looking too bulky. Men with a thin body structure can brandish these Ralph Lauren Polos very well without making it look excessively odd. Besides, on the off chance that you are tall too, it is what tops off an already good thing.

Ralph Lauren White Custom Slim Fit Mesh Polo

Ralph Lauren custom fit

Last, but certainly not the least of the options, there comes ‘Custom Fit’. Looking somewhat like the slim fit Ralph Lauren t-shirts, these are lengthier than the slim fit options and also have longer hems on both the sides. Men with an average physique (which means neither too thin nor too bulky) are the ones that are apt for these Ralph Lauren t-shirts.

Ralph Lauren Red Black Custom Fit Big Pony Polo

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June 25, 2020

Shopping luxury brands is a satisfying experience and a great way to treat yourself with opulent styles. But pronouncing the names of some brands can be tricky sometimes.
At some point or other, we all have gone through the situation of mispronouncing the name of the some of most common luxury labels. But to save yourself from the embarrassment and to avoid such situation, it is a great ideal to brush up your pronunciation game. We have picked few of the trickiest names of designer labels which you might be pronouncing incorrectly. So, let’s have a look at few of the iconic fashion houses and the correct way to say them.
GIVENCHY: The French luxury fashion house is world famous for its elegant couture designs. The brand was founded in the year 1952 by Hubert de Givenchy and the correct way to say the name is Zhee-vawn-shee.

ISSEY MIYAKE: Issey Miyake is Japanese fashion house and is known for its technology inspired collection. The correct way to pronounce the brand name is EE-say Mee-Ah-Keh.

BALMAIN: Balmain, the French luxury label, was founded in 1945 and is known for its sense of elegant with a touch of street style. The correct way to say its name is Bal-Mah.

BULGARI: The world famous designer Bulgari is a leading name in luxury industry. It is known for its accessories & fragrance and you should pronounce it as BOOL-gah-ree.

LOEWE: Loewe is a Spanish luxury house specialising in leather goods and accessories. It was founded in 1846 and the right way to say it is Loh-Way-vay.

YVES SAINT LAURENT: One of the most iconic French fashion houses, YSL is a favourite of elites and celebrities. The correct way to pronounce it is Eve-Sahn-Loh-rahn.



May 28, 2020

If you are looking for some inspiration for your summer looks this year, you cannot miss out on the tie dye trend.


The tie dye trend is perfect to add a splash of color to your wardrobe. It looks stylish, edgy and so refreshing. This style can make your casual dressing so much fun. It has made a comeback in the fashion world and we are loving it. Right from t-shirts to tops to kids clothing, you can incorporate this trend in your wardrobe with your favorite luxury brands.


So, let us check out a few options which we are crushing over right now.


RALPH LAUREN KIDS: This Ralph Lauren tie dye t-shirt for girls would be the perfect summer style staple. The burst of colors along with the brand’s logo can help you create the ideal summer look.



CALVIN KLEIN: Looking for a subtle everyday option, you can go for this Calvin Klein ruched top which has minimal colors yet the tie dye effect. You can pair it with contrasting bottoms for the IT look.



TRUE RELIGION: The brand has great options for men like this True Religion blue buddha tank which you can wear to beach or a pool party. Keep it cool by pairing with shorts or chinos.