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September 19, 2020

The eponymous label Giuseppe Zanotti is world renowned for its collection of glamorous and standout footwear. The iconic range is famous amongst luxury lovers all over the world for its super glam styles. The brand has always been a favorite of celebrities as well as fashion bloggers and it’s not hard to see why.
The range is a delight for anyone who likes artful and versatile products. Their heels are one of the most popular footwear styles out there known for their high quality and versatility. Don’t miss them out – these highly coveted finds won’t be around for long so let’s have a look at them.
RED FLORAL HEELS: These gorgeous pair of heels featuring a floral detailing is perfect when you are heading out to make a statement. They will be a bold addition in your looking grabbing every eye ball.

PALTINO GOLD HEELS: Another stunning option, these platino gold heels by Giuseppe Zanotti are meant for a red carpet worthy look. The simple yet glam design is truly irresistible.

NERO LEATHER HEELS: Not a fan of towering heels? These nero leather heels has a decent heel height with the same glam quotient as other options.

GOLDEN ALIEN HEART HEELS: If you are dressing up to impress then these golden alien heart heels by Giuseppe Zanotti would be the ideal option to choose. Not only are they iconic but also a standout piece to own.

The coveted range will not only elevate your personality but will make your footwear enviable!


February 15, 2019

While there are so many brands our there which offer a luxurious collection of footwear, one of our recent favorites is Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. The brand has such a versatile collection with designs which are exclusive to it. We have not seen such styles anywhere else and they are extremely trendy. You can create a perfect street style inspired look with these pairs and they will surely draw all the attention towards you.


The label is world renowned for its impeccable range of well made footwear. Right from heels to boots and sneakers, you can treat yourself with so many styles. So, let’s check out some of our favorites from the collection!


BLACK LIGHT JUMP SNEAKERS: Sneakers are a rage in the fashion world and so many brands have been reinventing this classic style. We have seen so many versatile designs of them like these Black light sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti. Their unique shape can complete any outfit.


Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers




GOLD COLINE HEELS: Giuseppe Zanotti heels are extremely popular and it’s not hard to see why. The glamour quotient of these heels like these gold colin heels can leave the onlooker in envy.


Giuseppe Zanotti Heels




WHITE URCHIN SNEAKERS: It’s impressive that the brand has so many distinctive styles of sneakers available and each one of it is so different from others. These white urchin sneakers have an edgy appeal which holds the power of totally transforming the look.






LEOPARD PRINT ANKLE BOOTS: Booties look great in every season, so this summer include these leopard print boots by Giuseppe Zanotti in your wardrobe. They’ll make for a perfect Instagram OOTD look like your favorite influencer.






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