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Luxury Designers to keep on the radar right now

November 10, 2020

The love for luxury brands in India started about half a century ago when fashionable wearers went hunting brands like Burberry, Gucci, and numerous others. As time went by, India’s retail market became one of the growth prospects for the luxury brands in India themselves and they wanted to reach out to the consumers here as well. Starting from the royals of India owning Rolls Royce back in the 1920s to today’s situation, the luxury brands in India have come too far.

There are numerous luxury designers in the high-end fashion industry that have come a long way building their prestigious reputation and giving something unique to their customers. They know their audience well and made sure to provide something of their worth every season. Whether it is Burberry, Versace, Ralph Lauren, or the ones that are mentioned in this blog, the fashion industry has numerous names that you keep an eye on.

Luxury Designers to keep on the radar right now

Take a look at these luxury designers and keep them on the radar right now for their skilled craftsmanship, innovation in designs, and authentic quality.

Armani Jeans

Armani Jeans is a sub-brand of the prestigious, world-renowned brand Armani and is a bridge line assortment zeroing in additional on the continuous patterns and the youthful age. All things considered, the youth can host their gathering with all the chic answers for themselves. The whole assortment of Armani Jeans is the more dynamic one and doesn’t have the timelessness of Giorgio Armani. However, it is an all denim-related line and is much more modern. You will be able to find options like Armani Jeans bags, branded footwear, and a chic ready-to-wear collection.


BCBGMaxazria – BCBGirls

Established in Paris in 1989, BCBGMAXAZRIA which is named after Max Azaria was named for the mainstream French articulation “Bon chic, bon genre,” the possibility that a decent demeanor is the premise of good style. Since its beginning, BCBGMAXAZRIA has imbued west coast disposition into its particularly European stylish to make ageless designs that appeal to modern women. Guided by quality reasonableness that mirrors this solid European legacy, BCBGMAXAZRIA lets workmanship and culture raise its tones, prints, and outlines. BCBGirls is the mini version for the little girls with options to make them look and feel chic, with options like dresses, dress sets, and more.

bcbgirls dress for girls

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands in the business today. The luxury designer brand was set up by Calvin Klein in the year 1968 and from that point forward, the label has been promoted over the globe for the different lines offered for the style cognizant individuals. Surprisingly fast, Calvin Klein instituted its name for its style, versatility, and provocative allure. Presently, that Calvin Klein India has advanced toward the popular populace; you can invigorate your assortment. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, Gigi Hadid, Sienna Miller, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, Alessandra Ambrosio, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr, the Kardashians’ and Jenners, and many others have proudly worn Calvin Klein. You could pick from the various options like Calvin Klein handbags, clothing, and fashionable accessories.


Cavalli Class

Oozing a rock’n’roll metropolitan allure, Cavalli Class is the most youthful line from Italian brand Roberto Cavalli, extraordinarily committed to a dynamic yet advanced audience. Want to know the must-have styles? Pick printed themes, animal prints, and splendid tones on dresses, sweaters, shirts, coats, and hide coats. Blend and match with fundamental pieces or be trying and settle on head-to-toe charm. When it comes to Darveys, you could choose from designer bags, clothing, and accessories for both men and women.


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Giorgio Armani Wallets: The Timeless Gifts For a Luxury Lover!

September 7, 2020

There is no denying the fact that men like to invest in accessories too. The little details matter a lot while dressing up and can help you complete the look with a touch of elegance. Wallets for instance will in general be at the base of the rundown when discussing concerns and possibly come up when the need emerges. Well, the line of Giorgio Armani is one of the most popular names in the fashion industry across the globe, and having an accessory by the label is considered as a must have. For men who like to keep it classy can invest in Giorgio Armani wallets. Well, gifting Giorgio Armani wallets to your loved ones will certainly make a great impression.

Giorgio Armani blue wallet

There are numerous choices accessible with regards to picking Giorgio Armani wallets. You can look over a front pocket wallet that is thin, fashionable, and totally appropriate for men who love to wear suits. For men who need different card pockets, the bi-fold or tri-fold wallet will come entirely helpful. In the event that the person wants to travel and would prefer to have something that will have the option to store his visa and travel records, the identification wallet will be the best choice undoubtedly.

Emporio Armani black wallet

Leather wallets by the high-end fashion label are additionally functional choices. Beside the way that they are very sturdy, they likewise come in various styles and sizes – ideal for whatever need a man has. Although branded wallets can cost a considerable amount, you’ll would never regret spending your money on them as nothing can match the quality and excellence of a luxury wallet. But Giorgio Armani wallets can be purchased sometimes on deals, for which you can check out darveys.com where you can easily get upto 60% off on not just Armani wallets but other international brands as well.

Giorgio Armani black wallet

The best thing about buying a Giorgio Armani wallet for men is the feeling of satisfaction and pride that what you have gifted them is something that isn’t just smart or strong but also a fashion statement piece for years to come. Regardless of whether it’s a present for a dad, spouse, granddad, or closest companion, Giorgio Armani wallets will be the ideal decision to make, particularly in the event that you need them to realize how significant they are in your life.

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Emporio Armani in India – A must-have name for your closet

June 7, 2019

Being a sub-brand of the primary fashion brand Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani is a name that is specifically made for the younger generation who look for high spirited, free and fresh designs. The brand has been there for quite some time and has been offering the people with the best designs that fashion-conscious wearers can look for.


The people in India had been waiting patiently for Emporio Armani to arrive in the country and their wishes came true with the label coming alive via online shopping. But, before you gear up to buy the best of products by Emporio Armani in India, you should know the reasons to buy them in the first place.


Armani 3



Emporio Armani in India has been offering luxury goods to fashionable people all around the world. They are considered as a classic must have in everyone’s wardrobe. So, if you are looking forward to shopping Emporio Armani in India, you must know what makes you invest in the pieces.


So, why buy Emporio Armani in India? We have listed below the reasons which makes the brand a must have.


The Craze Of Emporio Armani In India

Emporio Armani is a very famous brand name in the world of fashion and designs. It is known to target those who are in their young age and soughing after an elegant and sophisticated look. The classic designs offered by Emporio Armani in India satisfies the taste of this category of clientele and lets you choose from the numerous other categories that the label offers under its banner. The sub brand is more economical as compared to Giorgio Armani and thus fits in the budget of the young generation as well.


Armani 2


A Worthy Fit For One And All

When you will look at the collection of Emporio Armani in India, you would be stunned to see that the products are meant for you. The collection is well suited for every personality and occasion. You can choose from the inventory the best of pieces that make your personality swoosh a little and give it a glamorous style appeal.




The Products Are Easily Available

With the availability of Emporio Armani products online in India, one wouldn’t have to be scared that the luxury label is beyond your reach. You can easily lay your hands on the best of products by managing your budget and looking at the fancy discounts available online.

So, go ahead and shop Emporio Armani in India on Darveys.com and invest in a timeless luxurious collection.


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