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Michael Kors in India: Owning luxury gets easier than you thought

December 14, 2020

Lucky for the fashion-conscious beings who love high-end fashion, Michael Kors India is the extraordinaire that they need the most. Michael Kors handbags are the best that all fashionable personalities eye on and keep a radar on. Well, they deserve all the love after all.

Michael Kors in India: Owning luxury gets easier than you thought

Michael Kors has been an award-winning designer for more than 30 years and is best known for designing classic American sportswear at affordable prices. Over the years, the luxury label has expanded its line of merchandise to include high-fashion apparel, branded footwear, and accessories for men and women – including fabulous Michael Kors belts, Michael Kors shoes, and much more. Check out the luxury collection of Michael Kors Watches now at Darveys.

Michael Kors handbags

Michael Kors in India has made luxury fashion a lot easier for the fashionable personalities in the Indian continent. Shopping and owning a high-end label and everything under the banner wasn’t so easy ever.


This must be the primary explanation in light of the fact that there are not many highly famous labels over the world yet are inside your budget and Michael Kors is one of them. With the adoration that ladies have for Michael Kors handbags in India, they would go that additional mile for a bag that grabs their eye. With the totally financial plan amicable evaluating, the label is wanted to be embraced everywhere in the world.

Michael Kors handbags

Unmatched designs

In the event that it was not for the designs, Michael Kors in India wouldn’t have been the most in vogue names for the ladies. From the shimmery surfaces that work out positively for your get-together of the Michael Kors bags online to the common regular days when you need that morale boost to get through the day, one can take the help from the Michael Kors shoes. Talking about the designer bags by the high-end label, there are artificial animal print, solid textures, bold squares and so much more than accommodates your style control.

Michael Kors handbags

The unparalleled nature of the products

In the event that you have never had a product from Michael Kors in India, you wouldn’t see how strong the label and its contributions are. The handbags provide a great value for money as you don’t see much wear & tear even after years of use. The at-par quality offered in each product that emerges from the distribution center is deserving of your time and endeavors.

Michael Kors handbags

Michael Kors in India is the most affordable and chic label you can afford.

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Furla: An Individual’s Expression of Their Own Lifestyle

September 9, 2014

The Furlanetto family created “Furla” the innovative luxury brand over 80 years ago in 1927. The company is still owned and operated privately by the Furlanetto family.


The label is headquartered in Bologna, within a historic 18th century villa. Furla has produced a wonderful range of Italian designer products including handbags, shoes and accessories.


Furla a contemporary Italian brand produces very innovative range of Handbags. This range has created a style statement worldwide. The label has been creating bags-strictly in Italy-and marketing luxury essential throughout the globe since 1927. Furla carries a rich heritage with a go-getting spirit that looks towards the future.


Furla’s each collection surpasses the desires and expectations of every woman across the globe. For them elegance is an individual expression of their own lifestyle. Furla gives to its customers, the necessary aesthetics, which are constantly regenerated. The timeless range of Furla Bag is ultra modern, corresponding to the latest technology and design.


The “Candy Bag”, range by Furla is the amalgamation between innovation, creativity and tradition that qualifies the brand Furla. The candy bag collection is actualized in a soft and resistive special type of fabric. The beautiful metal lock that embellishes the zipper closing of the bag and the brilliant vibrant colors- pink, orange, yellow, green make the Candy Bag a gorgeous must-have for every woman!


Furla Candy bag


The Furla brand is a formulation of reliable Italian style, which means lifelike elegance, refinement and creativity. It is a world in where chasteness and ravishing elements are intertwined in an archetype union that is undoubtedly: Furla.


Wishing to own the elegant Furla Designer Handbags? Darveys.com brings you the authentic luxury designer store online where you can sit back and shop your favorite luxury designer brand from over 280 luxury boutiques across the globe, at the ease of a click!

Dolce & Gabbana – A Movie, Not A Designer Collection

September 3, 2014

The union of Fashion designers, Dolce Domenico from Sicily and Stefano Gabbana from Milan, paved way into the Italian fashion luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana in 1985.


Dolce & Gabbana came up with their first Collection “Geometrissimo” at the Milan Fashion week in 1986.


Since the ‘80s, the slogan ‘’la bellafigura”- the beautiful figure or the impressive way of dressing remains traditional with the Italian way of living. Many designers during the ‘80s, focused on ‘power dressing’, which embodied dresses with oversized shoulder, dark tones and experimental hairstyles. But Stefano Gabbana and Dolce Domenico’s style was personal! Their style was more feminine and romantic. They took special care of designing and stitching their dresses. Very soon, with the upcoming collection pieces, the designers’ slinky slip dresses, sultry corset-tops, and figure-hugging suits started to become popular for their provocative and exciting, yet empowering, aesthetic range.


Dolce & Gabbana believed that they designed a movie instead of a collection and from that imaginative movie they got inspired to design clothes that corresponded with that movie, and in turn, every time came up with a new collection. This creativity and innovation of both designers reflected extremely well, with their each and every fashion week, since then. Dolce & Gabbana’s world is made up of sensations, traditions, culture and a Mediterranean nature.




Dolce & Gabbana introduced The Spring Summer’ 14 Collection presented at the Milan Fashion Week with the title “An Unconscious Dream”. The name of this collection has a very surrealistic tone, in the sense that the clothes personified the blend of the rational and the irrational, real and imaginary, which can only be found in dreams. A very graceful and refined blending of colors has been used in this collection. Tones of black, Almond brown, subtle green and blue have had a great head up display at the fashion week. There is a firmly established, earthy feel to this collection. Dolce & Gabbana has been successful in justifying the title of this collection as it gave an aerial sense when the almond blossoms walked on the runway.




Waiting to experience the surreal collection by Dolce and Gabbana? Darveys.com is an answer to all your stylish wishes. Be it a Dolce & Gabbana’s bag or your favorite dress, Darveys.com keeps you updated with every bit of it. You are just a click away. Find your latest fashion week collection exclusively in India at Darveys!