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Wardrobe must-haves for Christmas

December 22, 2020

Christmas is one of the most loved festivals across the world and when it comes to India, it is considered to be the most fashionably celebrated one for sure. Whether or not one celebrates the day with the family, they make sure to make a fashionable appearance with their friends and hang out with them in the chicest fashion options. 

So, if you’ve been looking forward to looking chic this Christmas even when you can’t go out – thanks to the pandemic, this blog will lay down voguish staples that will make you holiday-prepped.

For men

It is not the time when men have to stay behind and let women have all the fun. Take a look below and find fashion options from all the luxury brands in India that will enhance your style quotient.

1.Luxury clothing for men

When the idea is to go formal, this 3 Piece suit by Self Stitch looks stunning. A perfect fit and a suitable color will take your personality to a different high.

Ralph Lauren polo t shirt

On the other hand, in case you are looking for a casual look, layering is an option that would keep you cozy and also help you look stunning. A combination of Ralph Lauren polo shirts, a Love Moschino sweater, and Michael Kors slim fit pants is the best that you’d get for yourself.

Well, that was the outfit part but a personality isn’t called complete with the most fashionable accessories and branded shoes for men. So here they are.

2.Branded shoes for men and accessories

A pair of designer shoes by Dolce & Gabbana would be the ideal companion for your Self Stitch shoes. Why would someone say no to this Dolce & Gabbana Blue Leather Lace Ups pair of beauty?

While that’s for the formal attire, take into account these Prada shoes for the casual and even semi-casual outfits. Made with leather and other fabrics, these slip-on shoes look stunning.

prada sneakers

You can also go ahead and prefer to choose from the Burberry scarves and Calvin Klein watches to complete your personality.

For women

Women love to dress up, give those finishing touches, and be prepped for every occasion and Christmas has to be the one for sure. Here are the options that would make a perfect personality this Christmas.

1.Designer clothing for women

Christmas calls out for colors like red, green, gold, and white. So, why would you want to go for something else when you have numerous options from brands like Calvin Klein, BCBGMAXAZARIA, DKNY, Ralph Lauren and so many others? This Calvin Klein sheath dress looks stunning. The big floral pattern in the shades of red look glamorous.

Calvin Klein dress

If you don’t want to go all bold and red, you can choose something subtle like this Ralph Lauren party dress with lace detailing and cap sleeves. 

Well, the options at Darveys are countless but these two are Christmas-worthy options.

2.Designer footwear for women

Now, coming down to designer shoes for women, numerous luxury brands offer a gamut of chic and fashionable footwear options. So, whether you like heels or feel comfortable in flats, here are the options for you.

jimmy choo heels

3.Designer bags for women

Who wouldn’t like to have this Christmas-ready satchel for women by the brand? The wreath-like studded detailing on the enclosure looks stunning.

Miu Miu Satchel

Women can also opt for chic jewelry options, designer watches, and other options by fashionable brands.

Merry Christmas!!

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Start with Hugo Boss India to pep up your Wardrobe

December 17, 2020

Hugo Boss was started Hugo Boss in 1924. Well, that is a very very long time for a company to take its place in the industry as well as in the hearts and closets of the wearers. However, within 10 years of its establishment, Hugo Boss came to a point where it faced bankruptcy. It was then, that the high-end label started all over again and has come to a point today, where only the name is enough for people to blindly trust the quality of the products offered by the brand. Hugo Boss t-shirts are one of the most admired and casually perfect outfit options that you can have.

Start with Hugo Boss India to pep up your Wardrobe

Hugo Boss India is all quality and style – something that numerous labels can just wish they could accomplish. Indeed, the high-end luxury label has coined its name in the fashion business for the line of Hugo Boss shirts, t-shirts and so much more. While they began as a clothing organization for men, Hugo Boss ultimately moved into a bigger contribution, for example, clothing for ladies, and fashion accessories for both genders. Truth be told, the name began to grow its range and advanced all approaches to India and different pieces of the world also.

Hugo boss watches

The assortment of Hugo Boss India has made its place in the wearers’ closet as well as personality by providing authentic and fashionable options. With the brand being in India, it has made it simpler for the customers to connect with the label. So, why are Hugo Boss belts, t-shirts, and other options so popular among fashion-conscious beings?

The in-vogue reputation

At the point when you talk about Hugo Boss India, you should realize that the name has an eminent reputation over the globe. The luxury label has been in the fashion world for a significant time and has authored its name for the quality contributions that it offers to both men and women. The top of the line name has its own advantages that wearers anticipate when they look for Hugo Boss jackets, shirts, belts and so much more from the label.

Hugo Boss Polo Tshirt

Hugo Boss India has a wide variety

From the assortment of Hugo Boss shirts to the fragrances by the top of the brand, there are so numerous different classes that are offered by the extravagant name. All things considered, the assortment of designer shirts for men or even men’s polo shirts are certainly some of the collections to look forward to when you think of Hugo Boss.

Hugo Boss Shirt

Hugo Boss India is reasonable

Just one look at the collection at Darveys and you’d know that the deals and discounts are stunning. You will not have discounts anywhere else.

Hugo boss Sneakers

Shopping Hugo Boss India online is the best way to shop the most credible Hugo Boss clothing and accessories at limited costs.

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The must-haves in Love Moschino bags to eye-on right now

October 9, 2020

Good taste doesn’t exist. It is our taste. We have to be proud of it.

~ Franco Moschino

Moschino – pronounced as Moskino, was established in 1983 by Franco Moshino in Milan, Italy. The label has been a luxury fashion house garnering the population across the globe with options in leather accessories, perfumes, branded bags, and designer shoes. Moschino and his style name got popular for his imaginative, vivid – now and then eccentric – structures, for his affection for pixies, for his reactions of the design business, and his social awareness campaigns in the mid-1990s.

The line was known as Moschino Jeans from 1986 to 2008 was renamed and is known as Love Moschino. It is referred to as the diffusion line for both men and women.

Darveys has made it possible for the population of the Indian continent to enjoy the luxuriousness and the ecstatic appeal of Love Moschino bags. The line of designer bags by the brand is an imaginative blend of metropolitan style and brilliant subtleties, notable around the world, and offers life to youthful, entertaining, and unexpected models drawing its motivation from the idea of “peace and love”.

So, let us take a look at the must-have Love Moschino bags that you should be eyeing on.

Dark Green Quilted Shoulder Bag

Moschino shoulder bag

When you’re looking for the designer bags to be subtle, stylish, and handy, you can certainly eye on these women bags that feature a classic design with a rectangular shape. The chain strap holds the grip on the shoulder and looks really classy. These designer bags by Love Moschino India are the perfect choice for every personality.

Red Quilted Small Crossbody

Love Moschino Red Quilted Flap Small Crossbody

Red is the color that a lot of Love Moschino bags have and the small dimension makes it apt for your short travels or times when carrying a lot of things is not needed. With a bold shade, compact space, the designer bag features a quilted pattern with brand logo in golden hardware. The buckle strap gives you the choice to increase and decrease the length of the strap for an easy hold.

Black Chain Large Hobo

Love Moschino black large hobo

Well, hobos bags are women bags that are spacious, huge, and stylish. One can carry a lot of things when it comes to these designer bags by Love Moschino India. This black chain large hobo is an ideal companion to be carried when there’s a lot to carry. By the looks, you’d find that the solid black color looks sophisticated and subtle while the chain detailing makes it perfect. The standout shape with top handle makes it easy to carry.

Black Quirky Large Shoulder Bag

Love Moschino Black Quirky Large Shoulder Bag

What is Love Moschino India without a touch of peppiness and that’s what this quirky number does for your personality. The ruffle detailing on the front flap looks outstanding while the rest is all that signature Love Moschino bags feature.

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